Who Will Edge Face At WrestleMania? The Latest Updates

Edge Wrestlemania

On February 14th, episode of Monday Night Raw, Edge issued an Open Challenge to find an opponent for WrestleMania. The Rated-R Superstar has been an iconic part of the Showcase of the Immortals for a long time, especially since his return, where he’s had two incredible matches. But Edge is hungry for more and wants a challenge from a fresh opponent. 

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Here are a few potential opponents for the Ultimate Opportunist. 

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Cody Rhodes

The lack of chatter on Rhodes makes it apparent that he is headed to WWE. The WWE is already playing mind games with the crowd, with Rhodes teased as The Miz’s Mania partner last week. I think Rhodes vs. Edge would make for a good story. Rhodes has never had his Mania moment, and squaring off against someone as iconic as Edge in his return could set him up for some great work down the line. 

Rating: Somewhat Likely 

Kevin Owens

KO’s current storyline is setting him up for a match at Mania. The Canadian regularly bashes Texas online while begging WWE officials for a match. The rumors are that he will face off against a returning Stone Cold Steve Austin. This would be epic and one of the biggest surprises returns ever since Austin has not wrestled in almost 20 years. So, as good as it would be to have two of Canada’s greatest exports square off, I believe KO is not meant to meet Edge this year. 

Rating: Not Very Likely 

Randy Orton

In my opinion, Orton and Edge had the feud of the “Live From The Performance Center” era. The two masters of the craft put on classic matches worth a re-watch. However, Orton seems locked into some program with Riddle, which I believe will lead to a highly anticipated singles match between the two members of RKBro.

Rating: Not Likely 


One. More. Match. That has been the Instant Classic’s mantra for years, and why not have it this year against his long-time best friend? Christian is signed with AEW but has been underutilized and relegated to a managerial role after starting 2021 with such a splash. This absence could be due to injuries and concussion troubles, but I think it would be a big get for WWE if Christian returned for a match with Edge at Mania.

However, this type of match isn’t where I think Edge is going. I think Edge wants an up-and-comer.

Rating: Somewhat Likely

AJ Styles

Besides Rhodes, Styles’ name is tossed around as a possible opponent. While I am confident they will have a great match, this doesn’t excite me. I can’t put my finger on it, but I would love Edge to go up against someone fresher. Don’t get me wrong. I love AJ Styles. He is one of the best to do it, and he should have a match versus Edge, but not at this WrestleMania. But, as is so often the case, I could and probably will be proven wrong if the two end up feuding.

Rating: Somewhat Likely

What are your thoughts? Who should Edge face off against at WrestleMania? Let us know in the comment section below.

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