Cody Rhodes Departs AEW
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Cody Rhodes departs AEW to the shock of many. Also, he is reportedly already speaking with WWE about a return.

Cody Rhodes Departs AEW

AEW is down a major family. Today, Cody Rhodes announced that he and his wife, Brandi Rhodes, have parted ways with AEW.

Both were members of the original group of wrestlers to sign with AEW about three years ago. Besides being wrestlers, they had backstage roles.

Both Rhodes and AEW commented in lengthy statements on social media.

During his entire stint, Cody was a babyface. He was never able to win the AEW World Championship and could not challenge because of a stipulation, but he was a three time TNT Champion.

Brandi did wrestle occasionally with her husband and they also feuded with others. She briefly went heel, but he group was disbanded and she also had a baby during that time.

As for Cody, fans have been wanting him to turn heel for months. Almost organically, they turned on him although he never followed through.

His feud with Malakai Black seemed to be the turning point. It is like when fans booed Triple H because of who he married.

According to Andrew Zarian, Cody Rhodes and his team have already spoken to WWE. This was apparently a popular topic of discussion backstage during RAW.

Remember, Rhodes requested his release from WWE several years ago. At the time, he was not happy with the direction of his character and was granted the release after making the announcement public.

Still, he is a great wrestler and his family bleeds pro wrestling. Maybe, this time around, Cody can find himself in the main event picture.

Stardust and the mustache gimmicks were amusing, but they were never World Championship material. Now, Cody has a chance to became a bigger star in WWE.

Personally, I am not sure if AEW fans will be happy with the decision to depart.

Reaction To Cody Rhodes Leaving AEW

Cody Rhodes Departs AEW

Source: @SeanRossSapp, Twitter, Screenshot