Christopher Daniels – AEW Status, Finn Balor On WWE Politics Problem

Christopher Daniels AEW Status
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The AEW status of Christopher Daniels has slightly changed from full time wrestler to taking on more backstage roles. Also, Finn Balor was burnt out on the main roster because of all the WWE politics. 

Christopher Daniels – AEW Status

In the beginning of AEW, there were only a few names signed. One of those was Christopher Daniels, who joined as part of SCU.

The stable had plenty of experience between Daniels and Frankie Kazarian. Meanwhile, Scorpio Sky was the young wrestler they took under their wing.

Well, the group made a pact that the next time they lost, the duo would split. Daniels and Kazarian lost in May of last year to The Young Bucks.

Therefore, they went their separate ways. So far, Daniels is yet to return to action inside an AEW ring, but briefly worked for Impact Wrestling.

Daniels spoke on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, giving insight his status with AEW.

“I’m more involved with signing and/or bringing guys to events,” said Daniels. “Whether it’s Dark tapings in Orlando or live events on the road.” 

“Honestly, it’s really Tony’s decision. Because he pays attention to the scene, not just AEW, not just other large companies in the US, but the independents.” 

“So if there’s buzz around a name and he’s interested in that, he’ll shoot me a text. ‘Hey, what can we do to get this person here, or that person here.’”

“And then it’s sort of on me and a couple of different people to put that meeting together between Tony and the person in question. So, it’s really — it’s Tony’s baby.” 

“And so Tony has the idea of, ‘I want this guy here,’ or ‘I want this young lady here,’ or, ‘What do we do to get her?’ And then it’s sort of my job to hunt them down and figure out how to get them to the spot.”

Daniels will turn 52 years old next month, so he know his days in the ring are ending. In the meantime, he is giving back to AEW in the very important backstage role.

Finn Balor On WWE Politics Problem

Christopher Daniels AEW Status

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After a short break, Finn Balor returned to NXT in 2019. Basically, it was done to help NXT battle AEW.

It was Balor’s second stint in NXT, where he always found success. During his second run, he once again became NXT Champion.

On Mark Andrews’ My Love Letter to Wrestling podcast, Balor admitted the main roster was a struggle. 

“I had got a little bit stale and I was just kind of like — I was tired, I was exhausted,” said Balor. “I was kind of like worn out by dealing with the politics and the office and the writers and all the everything that goes with it. 

“And I just had enough. When I returned to NXT, I really feel like that rejuvenated me in the ring and one thing I feel that helped in all the negative effects of the pandemic.”

His time in NXT ended and now he is back on the main roster. Unfortunately, he is one again not being properly booked.

There have been reports that Vince McMahon was not a big fan of the first Universal Champion. The Irish superstar’s stature simply does not mix well on the main roster in Vince’s eyes.

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