WWE Considering Unique Contracts, What Will Triple H Do Next?

wwe considering unique contracts
source: @fightful, Twitter, Screenshot

Out of chaos comes change…and WWE may be considering some unique contracts as a result. Plus, what will Triple H do next when he returns to work?

WWE Considering Unique Contracts

It has been a tumultuous couple years for the company and it’s Superstars, and now WWE is considering some unique contracts.

Specifically, WWE is considering some unique contracts relative to their own interests.

According to the Wrestling Observer, WWE is considering trying short term contracts to bring in indie talents for NXT specifically.

wwe considering unique contracts

source: @fightful, Twitter, Screenshot

This news, if it comes to fruition, would represent a 180 from a stance the company had not all that long ago.

For as long as anyone can remember, if a Superstar was attached to WWE, that was the only brand they knew.

Vince McMahon is fiercely controlling his talents, and he has long hated the idea of having WWE talent work for-and benefit-someone else.

Things might be changing, however.

We’ve previously noted that WWE was shying away from signing more independent talent. That was something driving the entire NXT 2.0 reboot.

Vince wanted new talent to be more home-grown, not simply further polished wrestlers who were already stars on the indie circuit.

Times, they are a-changing.

WWE is reportedly now considering short term contracts for select indie talents. 

Per the Observer, the idea would be to bring in specific wrestlers for a short program. They’d be able to build up to a send-off match over the course of say, a month or two.

Depending on the talent and the intent, these unique talents could be used to help get young Superstars over. 

Or, as is always a concern, there could be significant indie talents used to help pop ratings. 

What Will Triple H Do Next?

Following the evisceration of his labor of love and his health scare…what will Triple H do next?

And, when will he do it?

In a bit of news that may (or may not) surprise you…the answer is unknown.

It’s not unknown in the sense of no one who knows is sharing the secret plans.

Instead…it’s unknown because there are no plans in place for if or when Triple H would return.

what will triple h do next

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To be fair, while this seems a bit stunning…it may only be operating out of an abundance of caution.

Right now, Hunter has been effectively on the sidelines since suffering a major cardiac health issue last year.

Per reports, while he is getting better, he still is working through issues.

As such, there is apparently no timeframe where we could expect Triple H back, whether with NXT specifically or WWE in general.

However, if we wanted to make this seem more ominous, you certainly could.

Yes, WWE knows Hunter is working through a major health issue. But…with that in mind, there may not be plans to put him to work when he can.

And, on top of that mystery…the NXT brand he built into WWE’s best brand? It doesn’t exist as he built it…so if he returns…would HE even want to go back to NXT?

To be blunt, in many workplaces, you’d have a plan to return to work. All leadership involved, and the employee, would eventually have a date to shoot for and a plan to bring that employee back in.

For Triple H and WWE, it seems no such discussions have taken place…or if they have, that information is a very guarded secret.