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Forget WWE vs. AEW. Mainstream vs. Indie. Traditional vs New. There’s a wrestling promotion that combines all of that and does it in a fan-friendly and innovative package. Game Changer Wrestling (GCW). The promotion stepped a bit further into the spotlight with the Wrld On GCW PPV event from the iconic Hammerstein Ballroom. 

Founded by alums of iconic indie promotion CZW, GCW is the perfect blend of hardcore and conventional wrestling that combines a punk rock attitude with vibrant characters, a great storyline, and phenomenal wrestling. 

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Here Are Three Reasons You Need To Check Out GCW

Modern ECW

What made ECW so great and groundbreaking in its prime was the variety it presented. You could get a Balls Mahoney vs Axl Rotten deathmatch followed by a hold-for-hold wrestling clinic as Dean Malenko took on Eddie Guerrero. GCW has that same ethos. While they’re most known for their ultraviolent hardcore matches, the promotion still features plenty of “shoot-style” wrestling matches and even an entire show dedicated to it, the semi-annual Josh Barnett’s Blood Sport, which once featured Japanese icon Minoru Suzuki facing off against current WWE star Matt Riddle.


The Stars Of Past, Present, and Future 

A common knock on indie wrestling is that most shows feature green-goose-sh*t wrestlers in their first match or has-been wrestlers whose claim to fame was they were on WCW Saturday Night 30 years ago. GCW blends the two together seamlessly with stars new and classic getting a chance in the ring. 

You can get an amazing upstart like Jack Cartwheel 

Or maybe Jeff Jarrett will show up and guitar someone.

Original Characters

No one else has as wide a swath of characters as GCW does. From amazing luchadors to legit hardened convicts, Game Changer seems to have a simple mantra of “if you can wrestle, you can wrestle.” 

The most iconic GCW star by far is Nick (F*ckin) Gage. A deathmatch icon who served time for robbery, Gage brings a reality and authenticity to wrestling that can only come naturally. His love for his gang of fans (MDK ALL FREAKIN DAY) and his passion for wrestling have afforded him near-cult status. Gage’s infectious personality has caught me a time or two. If I am at a GCW show, you can bet I’ll be in the Gage mosh chanting “M-D-K!”

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