The Street Profits Contract, Roman Reigns Surpasses Brock Lesnar

The Street Profits Contract
Source: @MontezFordWWE, Twitter, Screenshot

Because of their TV absence, some are under the impression The Street Profits are in a contract dispute with WWE. Also, Roman Reigns has now been Universal Champion longer than Brock Lesnar’s lengthy run a few years back.

The Street Profits Contract

Lately, The Street Profits have been missing from WWE TV. During he pandemic, they were frequently spotted as they were also tag team champions.

Fightful Select reports that is has nothing to do with contracts. Sometimes, WWE likes to have a superstar lose a bunch if he or she has yet to re-sign.

They continued how both signed new multi year deals with WWE in 2019. Therefore, fans have not seen the last of the comedy pair. 

There is no word on exactly how long Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins signed.

A huge accomplishment for the team is they captured tag team gold for NXT, RAW and SmackDown. They only other team do so were The Revival.

Of course, The Revival (now known as FTR) and their time with WWE did not end well. Basically, WWE tried to change their gimmick into literal clowns and would grant their release.

Eventually, after like a year, WWE caved and The Revival were free. Nowadays, they call AEW home and are showing fans what tag team wrestling is all about.

Roman Reigns Surpasses Brock Lesnar

The Street Profits Contract

Source: @RomanMoxFan2010, Twitter, Screenshot

Roman Reigns made history earlier today when the clock hit midnight. He has officially been Universal Champion now for 504 days.

He surpasses Brock Lesnar’s reign, which started in 2017. Oddly enough, it was Reigns who ended Lesnar’s lengthy title run.

For Reigns, he has been basically unstoppable since returning at SummerSlam in 2020. He came back as a heel and also Paul Heyman by his side.

Now, some of that has changed in recent weeks. Then, when Reigns tested positive for COVID, WWE had to redo their Day 1 plans.

Lesnar was removed from his match with Reigns and instead entered the WWE Championship picture. The pay per view saw Lesnar win the title and now Heyman his back by his side.

There is some talk that WrestleMania 38 will see Reigns vs Lesnar for the WWE Championship as the main event. Look for a Heyman heel turn if that match does take place.

As for Reign’s amazing run, he has a big challenge at the Royal Rumble this month. He takes on his former Shield stablemate, Seth Rollins.