star lauds aew additions
source:custom, Mia Yim twitter screenshot

With a lot of changes happening, one star lauds AEW roster additions. And, hard to believe nowadays, but some Superstars have been ordered to change looks.

Star Lauds AEW Roster Additions

We know the company has grown a lot recently. Now, a star lauds AEW roster additions yet to come.

New, as in, yet to be revealed, apparently.

The star is Serena Deeb. On a recent media appearance, Deeb took time to talk up the strong AEW women’s division.

And, she specifically lauded AEW roster additions yet to come.

star lauds aew additions

source:custom, Mia Yim twitter screenshot

Given the number of worthy free agents out there, one can’t wait to see which roster additions Serena Deeb is lauding.

On the Reese Waters Show, Deeb hinted that AEW had made some new roster additions…that we’ve yet to see.

Consider the available talent, and it’s not hard to imagine why she-or anyone else with AEW-would be excited.

Some of the top names to be considered? Former WWE Superstars like Tegan Nox, Ember Moon, Mia Yim or Toni Storm.

That doesn’t even cover the possibility of someone like Nia Jax, even though she has indicated she’s done with wrestling now.

Storm would be a curious move, as it seemed she’d asked for her release due to being burned out. If she lands in AEW this soon, it would seem she was only burned out with WWE.

Regardless, you can understand why Deeb lauds the AEW roster additions, regardless of who is on their way in.

Now, we just have to wait to see who shows up in AEW next.

One star lauds AEW additions now. After they arrive, it’s a safe bet she won’t be the only one.

Superstar Ordered To Change Look

In something that probably won’t be too shocking…even if it should be…Superstars may have been ordered to change their look.

There’s a report of at least one being ordered to cut their hair, and it’s possible others have been too.

After all, this is Vince McMahon and WWE we are talking about.

Right up front, the Superstar in question is relatively new, so don’t be shocked if you haven’t heard of them.

On the other hand…in this case it wasn’t even Vince’s call.

Per the Wrestling Observer, new Superstar Javier Bernal was basically told by John Laurinaitis to cut his hair.

superstars ordered to change look

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As a unique footnote, Bernal, prior to becoming a WWE Superstar, was a hair model. Due to his previous career choice, he happened to have long hair.

superstar ordered to change look

source:custom, Javier Bernal twitter screenshot

He recently debuted on 205 Live, and he took the advice of Lauinaitis and showed off with a clean cut look.

In recent days, this is not the first instance of a Superstar having directions from WWE leadership relative to their appearances.

A week ago, the returning Summer Rae indicated that she had asked Vince McMahon about her changed hair color, and if he was OK with it.

With Vince McMahon, the micro-management is no shock. Everyone knows he has a look he prefers for his Superstars.

Now, not every Superstar fits that mold. But, WWE leadership seemingly will do whatever they can to steer talent into that mold.