Breaking Down Royal Rumble Betting Odds

Royal Rumble

Believe it or not, you can gamble on professional wrestling. One of the biggest wrestling gambling events is the Royal Rumble winner. At first glance, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to gamble on what is essentially a theatrical production or end of a movie.  

However, you can wage on award show winners, so if you view it like that (pre-determined but a closely guarded secret not readily available to the public) it can kind of make sense. 

Perhaps the most open-ended show of the year, I think I can count on one finger when a Rumble winner didn’t surprise me.

This year looks to be a wide-open race as well. Let’s see who are the favorites to win the men’s and Women’s Royal Rumbles. 

Men’s Royal Rumble Odds

  • Betting Favorite: Brock Lesnar (5/2): I think that’s just a capitalizing off name recognition on this one. Lesnar is scheduled to face off against Bobby Lashley for the WWE title. Depending on the finish of that match, Lesnar is not very likely to even be in the match. However, if we are getting Lesnar/Reigns in the main event, then Lesnar winning the Rumble creates the easiest path. The only thing is whether or not the match will unify the titles. 

  • Big E (11/2): I would put Big E as the actual odds-on favorite to win. Having lost his title to Lesnar in a shock, there is still a lot of money to be made with Big E as the top guy. A lot depends on what happens with the title matches, too. Big E is my sentimental favorite to take it home. 

  • Kevin Owens (10/1): There’s a lot of chatter that this could finally be Owens’ year to win the Rumble. He is involved in enough high-profile feuds and is a big crowd favorite. Having him face off or the WWE Title at Mania could be huge and is automatically a candidate for match of the night. 


  • AJ Styles
  • The Rock
  • Johnny Knoxville 

Women’s Royal Rumble Odds

While the men’s royal rumble looks full of surprises the women’s version seems oddly unsurprising. Virtually the entire roster has already been revealed with a good mix of fresh faces and nostalgia acts. 

  • Betting Favorite: Bianca Belair (9/4). Could the EST go back to back? Vegas seems to think so. Bianca is prepared for a major redemption run and WWE definitely sees her as their next big star. A win here would be good for her and great for the division. 
  • Bayley (9/2). Bayley has been off for a few months with an injury. While her return at the Rumble isn’t confirmed, it is widely expected for her to return. A win in a return would be huge and take right back to the top. 
  • Liv Morgan (5/1). My sentimental favorite. Liv has had the top title stolen from her on multiple occasions and had a huge and loyal fanbase. Her win could set up for a big rematch against Becky at WrestleMania


  • Sonya Deville
  • Lita 
  • Naomi

Who do you want to win the Royal Rumble? Let us know in the comments below.

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