Finn Balor Request Denied, McMahon Family Member In Royal Rumble

Finn Balor Request Denied
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Finn Balor wanted to work NXT UK, but WWE denied the request. Also, Shane McMahon looks to have landed into the Royal Rumble.

Finn Balor Request Denied

Finn Balor was one of the major stars from NXT to join the main roster. Heck, he became the first Universal Champion within weeks of joining.

Then, he was injured in the same match he won the title. Since then, Balor has been used in WWE in different ways.

Typically, he floats as a high mid-card wrestler and has no trouble working in the main event. He has spent most of his time on NXT, RAW and SmackDown.

Although, he is yet to work a lengthy stay in NXT UK. While speaking with Mark Andrews, Balor admitted he pitched to join NXT UK over SmackDown.

Of course, that did not happen.

“Believe it or not I actually pitched to go to NXT UK when they asked me to go to Smackdown,” said Finn Balor. “I countered, cause I knew the time with NXT was coming to an end as it had been 2 years and I worked with everyone.” 

“It was not really much more I could do there I felt. And the idea came that I go to Smackdown and I counter pitched with NXT UK.”

Finn Balor Reacts To WWE Request Being Denied

“And they said maybe in a couple of years, but we need you on Smackdown right now. Like for me a move to NXT UK would have been the move.”

Being stuck in the United States for so long because of the pandemic did not help. Balor looked at working on NXT UK as a chance to head back home for a bit.

“I’ve been stuck in America for the past two years with Covid kind of heightened the feeling of isolation,” said Balor. “In WWE and like in that bubble, like away from my friends and family, so there was kind of multiple reasons why I wanted to go to NXT UK.”

Before the interview ended, Balor said he wanted a match with Edge.

Lately, Balor has been helping to elevate Austin Theory. Some, speculate Vince McMahon never saw Balor as a legit world champion.

McMahon Family Member In Royal Rumble

Finn Balor Request Denied

Source: @WrestlingNewsCo, Twitterm, Screenshot

Well, a McMahon family member has grabbed one of the few spots left for the Men’s Royal Rumble Match. WWE will likely keep his appearance a surprise.

It is not the first time a McMahon family member has entered the match. Vince McMahon entered at number two and won the entire thing.

Shane was last spotted at WrestleMania about 10 months ago. He lost a cage match to Braun Strowman.

With Shane at the Royal Rumble, it therefore could mean something at WrestleMania 38. Remember, the Royal Rumble begins WrestleMania season.