becky lynch at wrestlemania
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It’s just about that time of year for the company, so it’s safe to wonder what plans are for Becky Lynch at WrestleMania. And, speaking of that major show…WWE may have a Women’s Royal Rumble issue on their hands.

Becky Lynch Plans At WrestleMania

Now that she beat Liv Morgan at Day 1, what’s next for The Man? Or, what are the plans for Becky Lynch at WrestleMania?

Both are safe questions, though one may not be related to the other…sort of.

So, after a clean win, Becky Lynch can move on from Liv Morgan, right?

Not so fast.

According to the Wrestling Observer, while plans for Becky Lynch at WrestleMania are coming into focus, she may not yet be done with Liv Morgan.

So what comes next, and what are the plans for WrestleMania?

becky lynch at wrestlemania

source: custom, Becky Lynch twitter screenshot

Next up may be one more shot at Liv Morgan. While Lynch won clean at Day 1, she was at least looking to cheat before managing a clean pin.

And, per the report, while it was a clean win, Morgan looked strong in the process…allowing WWE to keep her in the title mix for one more match.

Reading the tea leaves, the belief is Morgan may be the challenger yet again at the Royal Rumble.

However, Morgan would really just be keeping things warm for someone else.

The plans for Becky Lynch at WrestleMania involves Bianca Belair.

That pairing makes sense. Lynch, after all, returned at SummerSlam to stun the then-champ.

So, there’s a history, with Belair no doubt seeking revenge.

Now, how they get to that match remains to be seen. Could Belair once again win the Rumble and secure her spot in a title match?

WWE May Have A Rumble Issue

And speaking of that major January show, WWE may have a Women’s Royal Rumble issue on their hands.

What kind of issue?

Well, it’s a 30 woman match…and for a number of reasons, the women’s division depth is not where you’d like to see it.

Per the Observer, WWE may have a Rumble issue filling out the 30 slots.

However, at least thus far, there is zero indication that WWE would slash the number of entrants to 20.

Honestly…they shouldn’t.

wwe has rumble issues

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It’s a major event, and except for a couple ill-advised moves, it has always been 30 participants.

WWE has it’s share of Hall of Famers and alums that it could call on to help fill a handful of spots, for sure.

For example, Beth Phoenix is likely still capable of working a Rumble. I’d bet that Lita and Trish Stratus wouldn’t mind the match either.

Just using the WWE site as a guide, the issue is clear. On RAW, there are 11 female Superstars.

For SmackDown, the site lists 7. Of note, one of those Superstars, listed for both brands, is the inactive Sonya Deville.

Of course, Deville could very well return and work the Rumble…but adding those two rosters up leaves the company nearly half a match short.

Translation? Expect a handful of cameos, for sure, be it from Hall of Famers or NXT Superstars.

After all, NXT has a few who could impress (like Raquel Gonzalez) and a couple who have been in the Rumble before (Mandy Rose, Dakota Kai).

Plus, there are a few names who could be available to return, or make a run at least. Bayley is recovering from injury, and two Superstars are enjoying time off with maternity leave.

One, Lacy Evans, is surely on her way back. The other, Ronda Rousey, may or may not be a Superstar anymore…

But, if Vince wants her, and she’s open, it seems a safe bet a large enough check would be cut to make that happen.

Still, WWE might have Rumble issues on the women’s side, and some of that stems from the insane cuts we saw in 2021.

If 2022 will bring more cuts, it seems likely that we wouldn’t see many women cut until after the Rumble.

Otherwise, WWE would really have Rumble issues…and then we might see Santina Marella again.