WWE Hall of Famer Returning, Interesting Theory On AEW Ticket Sales

wwe hall of famer returning
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It seems to be the in thing to do lately, as it appears another WWE Hall of Famer is returning…sort of. Plus, there is an interesting internal theory on AEW ticket sales.

WWE Hall of Famer Returning

Hot on the heels of Edge’s latest return, it seems another WWE Hall of Famer is returning.

Sort of, anyways.

Trish Stratus, a member of the WWE Hall of Fame, will be returning…but not to the ring as a Superstar.

Before we go all crazy and dream of possible dream matches, Stratus is only coming back as a host.

wwe hall of famer returning

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And her hosting duties seem to be limited to the December 29th show in Toronto-her home town.

Still, with plenty of other Hall of Famers returning for cameos and special matches here and there…it is always fun to dream.

When you take into account that Stratus-long a fitness buff-is still in absolutely phenomenal shape? An in-ring return is never hard to imagine.

And, we would be silly to not point out the obvious. A month after Stratus returns, “only” as a host for the WWE holiday tour show…is the company’s first major PPV of 2022.

That would be the Royal Rumble, of course. Taking nothing away from WWE’s debuting Day One PPV, the Rumble is the first of the company’s “big four” PPVs.

WWE has long been known for surprise entrants showing up at the Rumble…so it wouldn’t really be a shock to see Stratus be one of the 30 women in the 2022 match.

Still, for now, the Hall of Famer is only returning to host the Toronto house show.

Interesting Theory On AEW Ticket Sales

Much has been said about the brewing battle between companies, and now there is an interesting theory on AEW ticket sales.

It has been said by multiple sources that AEW has outpaced WWE in certain regions.

Specifically, AEW has been outselling WWE in the New York City area.

Much was said about the success AEW enjoyed recently with their show in Flushing.

More recently, it had been noted that AEW was doing better with sales for an upcoming show at the brand new UBS Arena on Long Island.

For reference, the most recent edition of RAW also took place at that arena. Per earlier reports, AEW was much closer to a sellout, well before WWE.

Now, we know WWE has a few different theories about AEW.

interesting theory on aew ticket sales

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Vince McMahon has said AEW is not competition.

Others have likened Tony Khan to WCW and Eric Bischoff, insinuating that Khan will ultimately spend AEW out of business.

Now, here comes the best one yet.

There are some within WWE that have an interesting theory on AEW ticket sales. Specifically how they are besting WWE in what is effectively WWE’s home market.

Specifically, some within WWE believe that Tony Khan is going out and buying up blocks of tickets to help prop up those shows.

The WWE and AEW shows at the same arena within a ten day span is the closest to a apples to apples comparison yet.

And now, per the Wrestling Observer, some WWE staff believe Tony Khan has bought some of AEW’s tickets to help win the Long Island ticket sales battle.

Is it possible? Sure.

To be completely honest, teams and organizations buying and giving away blocks of tickets is nothing new.

That being said, to me this seems to be a crazy theory, even by WWE standards.

I don’t see how out-selling WWE in one arena in Long Island would be worth even the insignificant investment that a couple thousand tickets would represent.

Looking at what Tony Khan has done thus far, that would seem to be out of character. But…crazier things have happened.