Ted DiBiase Insisted On Bumping, Buff Bagwell-WWE Hall Of Fame

ted dibiase insisted on bumping
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WWE brought him back for a not so physical segment, but it turns out that Ted DiBiase insisted on bumping. And, can you imagine Buff Bagwell in the WWE Hall of Fame?

Ted DiBiase Insisted On Bumping

Over the summer, the WWE Hall of Famer returned to the company, by way of NXT. During his brief return, Ted DiBiase insisted on bumping.

The report gets a little clarification, and it comes to us via Fightful.

Earlier in the year, WWE brought Ted DiBiase and his Million Dollar Championship back to the company. The belt, and DiBiase, showed up in NXT.

The Hall of Famer was involved in a program between Cameron Grimes and LA Knight.

During one segment, the company intended for things to get physical. However, they did not want or plan for the Million Dollar Man to take a bump.

However, per the report, Ted DiBiase insisted on bumping.

ted dibiase insisted on bumping

source: custom, wrestlezone twitter screenshot

Per the story, it was written for DiBiase to take a bump, but not really. WWE planned on having him use in-ring security to take the brunt of the bump.

The Hall of Famer wouldn’t do it.

DiBiase, being a great veteran, saw the opportunity to put a current talent over…and felt the best way to do it was by him doing the bumping.

And so, when LA Knight turned on Ted DiBiase, the physicality was driven by Ted. DiBiase insisted on bumping, as a way to help get Knight more heel heat.

Buff Bagwell-WWE Hall Of Fame

Imagine, if you can, Buff Bagwell in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Seems insanely funny, right? Almost impossible to believe even.

I find it rather implausible, and certainly not likely…but I may be wrong.

And according to Buff Bagwell, he could have been in the WWE Hall of Fame…only HE declined.

To be completely fair, we all know that the WWE Hall of Fame is a whole lot of scripted.

Yes, some who go in are worthy. The headliners are chosen because they had great careers, and WWE wants to honor them.

But a legitimate hall of fame it is not.

buff bagwell wwe hall of fame

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Still, if someone from WWE called you up and said “hey, we want you in our hall of fame”, I’d think most would be on board with it.

Per Bagwell, he was contacted by WWE. He indicates they wanted to induct him with the nWo.

However, Bagwell declined.

Bagwell spoke about this surprising bit of news on a recent podcast appearance.

So what do I think?

On one hand, if Bagwell really did have the chance, and declined? Interesting, for sure.

As he said on the podcast, he didn’t want to get in because of the group. Honorable perspective, I suppose.

However, I have two other spins on this.

First…if I was in the nWo and then got a chance to land in the WWE Hall of Fame? I am in.

Second…this seems dubious.

Remember there was a stink about even including Eric Bischoff in the nWo induction? And he was one of the first in the on-screen group.

Bagwell was not.

If WWE actually wanted to include Bagwell, they would have had to include a whole lot more than him. Otherwise, his inclusion makes zero sense.

Am I saying Buff Bagwell didn’t have a chance to go into the WWE Hall of Fame? No.

But this one does seem a wee bit hard to believe.

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