Johnny Gargano Announces NXT Future

Johnny Gargano

With rumors going that Johnny Gargano is leaving NXT, he left his future with the company in the balance following the loss to Team 2.0 at WarGames. Gargano ended the night telling the fans he would talk to them on Tuesday’s episode of NXT.

A lot of signs from Johnny himself that this was it for him in NXT and that he was moving onto new ventures.

What was Gargano going to tell the NXT universe? Was he leaving for good? Or is this a swerve into another angle?
It certainly looked like he was on his way out.

Is Johnny Garano Leaving NXT?

Gargano came out to his classic “Rebel Heart” theme. Johnny had tears in his eyes and gave the audience a quick but heartflet bow befor making his way to the ring to address the crowd. Johnny said Shawn Michaels  told he could go as long as he like.

The crowd channted “Johnny Wrestling” and “Please Don’t Go!” as Johnny said he wasn’t going to be very polished. 

He talks about coming to NXT in 2015 and beind told he wasn’t going to be signed. After tearing the rooff down with Apollo Crews, Gargano continued to return to NXT even though he didn’t have a contract. He thanked William Regal for giving him the shot.

He thanked the crowd repeatedly for the video games, wrestling figures and for helping him living his dream as a young “chubby wrestling fan.” 

Gargano tells the crowd is the NXT is the only place where he ever felt special. The crowd frequently interuppted Gargano with chants. 

Gargano thanks Triple H, HBK, Terry Taylor, Matt Bloom, Vic Joseph, Sara Amato and the list goes on and on. 

Johnny says “Change is scary but sometimes it needs to happen.”

Ultimately Johnnny says he has no idea what his immediate goals are other than becoming a father in February (the crowd then chanted “Baby Wrestling”) 

But then as he talks about being the best father he can be…


Is Johnny Wrestling Staying In NXT?

This would seem to imply that Gargano is taking some time off to be a dad but will return to finish what Grayson Waller started.

Amazing twist ending and a great way to create a new villain. Safe to say Grayson Waller is the most hated man in NXT right now. When WWE wants to play up the tension and the drama, they can really do it. 

What do you think? Is Johnny Gargano gone for good or is he coming back? Let us know in the comments below.

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