Future Brock Lesnar-Roman Reigns Plans, Former Superstar Returns To Ring

future lesnar-reigns plans
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With the two set to clash at Day One, what are the future Lesnar-Reigns plans? Plus, a former Superstar returns to the ring over the weekend.

Future Lesnar-Reigns Plans

We already know that the two will clash at Day One in less than a month…but what are the rest of those future Lesnar-Reigns plans?

Or, are there any?

It’s not a crazy question to ask, honestly.

Once WWE went with a massive fine and storyline suspension, the expectation was it was a way to keep Lesnar looming, but off television.

This forced absence would let the threat of Lesnar simmer, leading to a big money match-likely at WrestleMania.

Per the Wrestling Observer, that ultimate payoff is still on the table.

future lesnar-reigns plans

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And we all know, a feud the likes of Lesnar-Reigns? It needs a big setting and a big finale.

Their match at the January 1 Day One PPV is one match in a series yet to come. With that in mind, it seems quite likely that their WrestleMania rubber match is indeed the end of the line for the feud-for now.

The report indicated that Brock Lesnar is also booked for the Royal Rumble in early 2022.

Reading the tea leaves, it seems we might be seeing things unfold in this way…

Once again, Reigns defeats Lesnar, in a less than clean finish at Day One.

Somehow or other, Heyman blocks Brock from a future title shot through normal avenues.

Lesnar then enters and wins the 2022 Rumble match. A Rumble win has escaped The Beast thus far.

With Lesnar’s Rumble win, he challenges Roman Reigns to their last big clash at WrestleMania.

The Observer notes that, by that point, Reigns would have set the record for longest Universal Championship reign.

Meaning that a title loss could be quite possible.

Of course, this is all speculative for now. WWE could just keep running Reigns out there for a while without a change, for all we know.

The one thing that we do know? Their battle on January 1 is far closer to the start of things, than the end.

Former Superstar Returns To Ring

It’s been a long wait, relatively speaking, but a former Superstar returns to the ring this weekend.

Now, while the return was notable, it was not quite what fans envisioned upon his WWE departure.

The former Superstar who returned this weekend would be none other than Braun Strowman.

While many expected we’d see the former Superstar show up in Impact or AEW…or even back in WWE…thus far all those guesses would be wrong.

former superstar returns to ring

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Over the weekend, the former WWE champion worked his first match since his WWE release. And it was for…Great Lakes Championship Wrestling.

The former Strowman worked a tag match on the promotion’s Blizzard Brawl event. His tag partner was a fellow former WWE Superstar, EC3.

The show took place in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

The pair of former Superstars ended their evenings victorious. Ringside News noted that the duo also worked a meet and greet, and donated all proceeds to victims of the Waukesha parade attack a few weeks back.

The former Superstar’s return to the ring is notable for another reason as well. During his break from the ring, there were reports that he was seeking an immense booking fee.

That booking fee was, if correct, no doubt a major reason Strowman was not tearing up the indies in recent months.

It would seem to be a safe bet that this appearance was likely a one-off for the former Strowman.