Could ROH Have A Superstar Stable, Is Montez Ford Injured

could roh have a superstar stable
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While the promotion is on hiatus until after Q1 of 2022, could ROH have a Superstar stable when it returns? Plus, is Montez Ford injured?

Could ROH Have A Superstar Stable

It is true that Ring of Honor is taking some time off, until April of 2022. But, when it returns, could ROH have a Superstar stable in it’s midst?

Or, more specifically, a former Superstar themed stable.

If you tuned in to ROH Final Battle from this past Saturday, you saw the formal formation of something notable.

In fairness, the groundwork was actually laid in Waukesha a few weeks back. Turns out, this fledgling group may just be getting started.

At Final Battle, former Superstar EC3 was joined by the former Braun Strowman and Wesley Blake.

Strowman, now known as The Titan, Adam Scherr, was released earlier this year. There had been a lot of debate about when and where he’d land.

Showing up on what amounts to the final ROH show prior to the self-imposed hiatus is definitely curious.

But then, so is this Instagram post. Could this indicate ROH might have a Superstar stable on it’s hands?


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Now, a few things to say about this…

One, Killer Kross has not (and cannot) say anything about his next move. While Kross has been released from WWE and has started to book appearances, he cannot land in a new home until his 90 days is up.

could roh have a superstar stable

source: custom, @pwunlimited twitter screenshot

Two, that is one heck of a tease, and perhaps there is more to it than just a tease. After all, by the time ROH returns, Kross will be well beyond his 90 days.

Three, many expected Scherr and Kross to land in AEW. Is it possible that both men may be a big component to the expected “re-imagining” of ROH?

And, for what it’s worth, if both Scherr and Kross join ROH, this doesn’t exactly lock them in there. ROH has had a working relationship with AEW, as we saw on Saturday.

These former Superstars could easily form a stable that primarily functions within ROH…but with those ties, they could easily be able to work elsewhere too.

While I won’t say that they would shift power to a promotion…I will say having them land in ROH is perhaps a master stroke.

It will likely help the company attract some of the many other free agents (AEW cannot sign them all), and it gives fans a potentially very enticing and refreshed product come April.

Is Montez Ford Injured

RAW was a bit busy this week…but lost in the shuffle was what didn’t happen-the finals of the RKBro-nament. Which made us ask…is Montez Ford possibly injured?

To be fair, this question is driven by a report out of the Wrestling Observer.

Per the report, the finals of the tournament had been previously scheduled for the December 13th RAW.

It was postponed until the December 27th edition of RAW.

Now, the initial story was that members of both teams were hurt. It seems that may not absolutely be the case.

is montez ford injured

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Per Meltzer, it is unclear if Ford is injured or sick or has something else going on…but of the four, something is “definitely up” with him.

It is worth noting that neither Rey nor Dom were reported to have worked weekend house shows. Ford’s partner, Angelo Dawkins, wound up working in singles action.

I’d say this supports the claim that both teams have injury issues to handle. Also seeing Dawkins in action without his partner likely means there is no COVID concerns in play, which is good news.