Beth Phoenix Is Leaving NXT Commentary – Here’s Why

Beth Phoenix

This Sunday’s WarGames show will be Beth Phoenix’s last on commentary for NXT (2.0), the Glamazon is staying with WWE but leaving the Tuesday night show to spend more time with her daughters. Phoenix was extremely gracious in her goodbye and implied she would still be heavily involved in WWE and NXT in some capacity 

NXT and WWE Superstars shared their gratitude for Phoenix: 

What’s Next For Beth Phoenix? 

For those of you saying “AEW!!” LOL.

As I speculated earlier this week, Beth could be preparing to join her husband in a mixed tag against Miz and Maryse. There has been no solid indication that Beth is interested in going back to the ring, but she retired healthy.

Beth returning to the ring would be a huge story. One of the most influential female wrestlers in recent memory, bringing her back for a run with or without her husband would be great. 

It would be nice to have a bit of older blood in the women’s division as well as it seems a lot of the roster is filled with up-and-comers and newer stars with Natalya being the only solid vet working in the women’s division at the moment.

Curiously her tweet mentions she’s ending her time on commentary, not that she’s leaving WWE. That’s what makes me think she’s going to wrestle. Or it could just be that she’s looking for time off to spend time with her kids. 

Who Should Replace Beth Phoenix on Commentary?

While Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett would be fine on their own, having a third person on the mic could be good for the developmental table. Here are a few suggestions. 

  • Nigel McGuiness – former NXT commentator who now working on NXT: UK commentary, would be a known voice for fans. 

  • Kayla Braxton – the SmackDown live backstage interviewer and Talking Smack host is a fan favorite who has held her own on the mic in her delightful mini-feud against Paul Heyman. If you’re looking for another woman on commentary, she could be a good pick. 

  • Malcolm Bivens – While he is currently managing the Diamond Mine, the only manager in NXT at the moment would be a fun addition to the commentator team. He’s funny, annoying in all the good ways, and should be on TV a lot more than he currently is.

Regardless of what Phoenix does next, I will miss her on commentary. She did a great job and I am so glad they gave her a chance to expand her range.

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