Backstage Heat Between MJF & CM Punk? + Nayla Rose Gets Backlash

CM Punk MJF Backstage
Source: @nodqdotcom, Twitter, Screenshot

MJF and CM Punk have had some intense promos in the ring and backstage. In fact, the two have received much praise over their mic battles as of late. MJF rarely breaks kayfabe, which has many wondering if both men aren’t overly fond of each other.

Backstage Heat Between MJF & CM Punk?

While talking to PW Torch, Wade Keller recently revealed that CM Punk doesn’t mind that MJF hits low during promos. In addition, he confirmed there is no backstage heat between.

According to Keller, the two actually get along quite well. He also notes that Punk has shown zero signs that he feels MJF has gone too far.

MJF & CM Punk Plan Their Segments Backstage

To boot, Keller confirms that both men plan all their segments together backstage. Plus, there’s no “tension” between either of them.

This is great news. After all their banters in the ring, some fans were raising an eyebrow.

CM Punk returned to wrestling in August 2021 and joined AEW. Since then he’s been on fire.

He and MJF began their feud shortly after Full Gear. Their promos have created quite the stir in the land of professional wrestling.

Sounds like both Punk and MJF are consummate professionals. Their feud so far has been fantastic.

Speaking of professionalism, Nyla Rose got some backlash recently due to a comment she made on social media. Sadly, she made light of a fan with differing abilities.

Nyla Rose Gets Backlash

Unfortunately, Nyla Rose tends to get unwarranted comments online and on social media. As a transgender wrestler, she receives unnecessary hate from time to time.

CM Punk MJF Backstage

Source: @Soawax_, Twitter, Screenshot

She’s been a trailblazer in this regard. Due to her position, she’s helped Increase awareness and acceptance for the transgender community.

This week during Dynamite, Rose dealt with a fan holding a bigot sign. The fan was removed from the arena, but the hurt may have still lingered in Nyla’s mind.

On top of that, she lost her semi-final match to Ruby Soho in the TBS title tourney. She hasn’t had a good week.

Nyla Rose’s Twitter Comment

While the tweet has been deleted, Rose replied to a fan who upset her recently. In fact, Nyla would cross a line when she made light of the person’s situation (who is disabled), on Twitter.

She outed the fan for “tweeting” needless and hate comments. She ended it by implying that they (the fan) then “wonders” why God put them in a wheelchair.

Of course, fans were stunned by what Nyla said. Sure, she did receive hate, but many question why she had to cross the line like that.

Social media has changed the world we live in. Unfortunately, while Twitter can become a toxic environment, people in the public eye need to try and rise above the hate.

Nyla Rose became All Elite in 2019. Since she’s held the AEW Women’s World title and was the 2019 Women’s Casino Battle Royal Winner.

She has more to do in the land of professional wrestling, so here’s hoping one unwanted tweet won’t ruin her momentum. Only time will tell.