At Least One Member Of Undisputed Era Isn’t Leaving WWE

Rodreick strong

In a move that I am sure will anger a lot of “fans”, it seems like at least one member of the previous NXT powerhouse Undisputed Era is staying put. And thankfully it is the one who has the most in-ring talent. Roderick Strong.

It also seems to put to rest the idea that NXT is ditching the Cruiserweight title. At WarGames, Strong defeated Joe Gacy in convincing fashion and looks to be the champ for the long term.

If there’s anyone who can bring prestige back to the title, it is definitely Strong.  NXT is the perfect place for him. He’s in a fun stable and like a lot of NXT vets is helping work with the younger talent getting them ready for whatever is next. 

Roderick Strong is a great great great professional wrestler.

I loved watching him on the indies wrestling like Iron from Marvel vs CapCom hitting 30 moves in a row.

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I feel like a broken record, but it really bears repeating; not everyone needs to go to AEW. AEW can barely handle the talent they have to start, and the more they add the less time your favorites have. Heck, Jay Lethal was supposed to be this “HUGE GET” and he’s already doing Dark and Elevation matches. 

AEW is not the be-all-end-all. It is great if you want to get a payday, lose to Cody, and then beat up indie jobbers for a few months on Dark. AEW has been very good for a few wrestlers, and mostly meh for a lot of others.

Look at FTR. Though they would complain if the sun was out too much. 

Strong, Gargano, and Ciampa are the perfect NXT guys. They’re “too small” for the main roster and can wrestle anyone with any style.

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Is Johnny Gargano Leaving NXT?

While we’re talking about Johnny Wrestling…I’m also one of the few people who don’t think Gargano is going to leave. I think he is taking time off (his wife is pregnant) and will come back and continue to be NXT’s top star. If he was actually leaving, I think they wouldn’t be making such a big deal out of it. 

WWE does the fake retirement angle all the time. So I expect him to pull a Mark Henry on Tuesday night and beat up whoever comes out to congratulate him. Or vice versa. Either way, I think Johnny Takeover is staying with NXT.

But who knows? Maybe I am just wishcasting and he really is leaving to go hang out with his buddies in AEW. He’s gotta do what makes him happy. Even if it doesn’t make me happy.

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