WWE Sends Message Firing Eva Marie & Nia Jax, Michael Cole Trouble

Eva Marie Nia Jax
Source: Wrestling News, Twitter, Screenshot

Eva Marie and Nia Jax were released by WWE and apparently the reason could be similar for both. Also, Michael Cole is losing his hearing.

WWE Sends Message Firing Eva Marie & Nia Jax

Last week, we witnessed WWE continue their pattern of releasing superstars. At this point, it is no longer shocking considering the number of talent let go.

WWE does not disclose why they release superstars, but there are usually clues. The latest group to be released either wanted it, openly were anti vaxxers or too old for WWE.

Nia Jax was released and she has stated numerous times her immunity can battle the virus. She noted on social media how she requested a mental health break from WWE and that is why she was written off TV.

During the Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer mentioned Jax’s situation. He noted how WWE was sending a clear message to the roster about taking a hiatus. 

“She had done that [asking for a mental break] before, once before,” said Meltzer. “That ended up dooming her.” 

“See here’s the problem with that. They don’t tell you no, but there’s a message that’s sent.” 

“Everyone is gonna see this loud and clear and go, like, they’ll say, ‘if you need time off and you’re on the main roster and you’re a star and you need time off — ask for it and we’ll give it to you.’ And they will.” 

“What’s the message here? The message here is like ‘we’ll give it to you, but when it comes time for cuts and you’re not on TV, then you’re prone to cuts. So, people are not gonna want to take that time off. Essentially it’s a bad message especially with Nia.”

Taking a mental health break should be granted for all employees, regardless of where you work. Considering the complaints about Nia in the past, the reason they fired her is simply wrong. 

Of all those released by WWE, Nia and Keith Lee have the best chances of bouncing back somewhere else.

Eva Marie In Similar Situation As Nia Jax

Eva Marie Nia Jax

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Also, out of a job is Eva Marie. She returned earlier in the year, but could not even last twelve months.

Like Nia, she had recently been written off TV. This was done as she had another project outside of WWE.

Also, similar to Nia, the time away played a factor. Meltzer said requesting time off TV and not connecting with the fans hurt Eva.

“She left to do some acting work right after she [returned] and she wasn’t getting over,” said Meltzer. “She’s not young, you know.” 

“Great look, of course, great look and all that, great body; but she left. So, I think that probably was held against her.” 

“She wasn’t getting over. It was an idea, but she wasn’t that good of a wrestler at all.” 

“It wasn’t going to work. They gave her a chance.”

WWE did give Eva another opportunity. Although, like the first run, her in-ring skills were bad and fans had no interest in seeing her.

Michael Cole Trouble

Eva Marie Nia Jax

Source: WrestlePurists, Twitter, Screenshot

Michael Cole has been with WWE for about 25 years. He had several roles, but his best known for working the announce table.

On The Pat McAfee Show, Cole revealed he is suffering from hearing problems. It is so bad, that he lost about 65% of his hearing.

McAfee, who works alongside him on SmackDown, noted how Cole barely hears him during commercial breaks.

To help, Cole has been using specially designed ear pieces. 

“I’m actually, like at 65 percent hearing loss,” said Cole. “They make these special in-ear pieces that go underneath my headsets on-air so I can actually hear.” 

Cole has taken plenty of slack over the years, but he earned his spot in WWE. Hopefully, as technology improves, more medical advancements will allow Cole to regain some or most of his hearing.