Triple H Cardiac Event Serious, Original Plans For WWE Golden Egg

Triple H Cardiac Event
Source: Wrestling News, Twitter, Screenshot

Back in early September, Triple H had a cardiac event that rocked the wrestling industry. The good news is that he’s getting better. The bad news was that at the time, it was quite serious.

Triple H Cardiac Event Serious

The WWE Universe was shocked when news hit that HHH had a cardiac issue. It was announced on September 8th.

According to the WWE, he had heart surgery that went well and was taken to Yale New Haven Hospital. The cause was said to be a genetic heart issue. 

At this time, Triple H hasn’t returned to work with the WWE. It’s unknown when he’ll be back, with a full-time workload.

Triple H, known as Paul Levesque in “real life”, will return to work, eventually. However, an exact timeline has yet to be announced.

In addition, nothing has been confirmed around whether or not he’ll return to the role he left. Before his cardiac event, he oversaw NXT and was the Executive Vice President of Global Talent Strategy & Development.

Triple H Cardiac Event Was “Very, Very, Very” Serious

During a Sunday Night’s Main Event podcast, Dave Meltzer states that HHH’s cardiac event was “very, very, very” serious. His wife, Stephanie McMahon revealed an update to talkSPORT during an interview recently, saying that he’s “doing great”.

In early November, Hunter was seen touring the new WWE Headquarters in Stamford, CT. Sounds like he’s trying to get back into the swing of things.

The WWE Hall of Famer has done it all within the company. On behalf of WNZ, we wish HHH a successful recovery.

Speaking of the WWE, fans still aren’t sure about the golden egg storyline revealed at the Survivor Series. There’s an update below on the original plans for the angle.

Original Plans For WWE Golden Egg

According to a report by Fightful Select, the first plans for Cleopatra’s “golden egg” had nothing to do with the Big E. versus Austin Theory WWE title match. In fact, the original intent lacked luster.

Triple H Cardiac Arrest

Source: Smackethdown Layer, Twitter, Screenshot

The egg was a tie-in to promote The Rock’s Netflix movie, Red Notice. As the flick was the Survivor Series presenting sponsor, it made sense. 

As most know, the egg was stolen, which lead to VKM promising a WWE title shot to whoever brought it back. Theory admitted to stealing it so he could get a selfie with the golden gem.

McMahon liked Theory’s hutzpah, so he gave him a shot at Big E., anyway. RAW’s main event was set, and Austin got his shot.

The Idea For The Egg Was Underwhelming

According to Fightful, the original idea the WWE had for the egg wasn’t as good as what ended up happening. In fact, the “stakes were lower” around the egg. 

One of the pitches mentioned was tying it in with the 24/7 title, held by Dana Brooke. As per the report, the movie and/or The Rock stated that the tie-in wouldn’t suffice. 

Therefore, Big E and the WWE championship angle was presented. Plans consistently change in the WWE. 

With that said, does this mean that the company will continue to push Austin Theory into the spotlight? Only time will tell.