Survivor Series 2021: Reviewing Top Hits And Misses

reviewing the top hits and misses
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It’s time for a nice bit of a recap from Survivor Series, 2021 edition. That means we will be reviewing the top hits and misses from Sunday’s final PPV of 2021 for the main roster.

Yes, there will be an NXT PPV in December (War Games!), but the Superstars of RAW and SmackDown won’t return to PPV until January 1, 2022.

So with that said, let’s focus on the here and now.

Survivor Series 2021: Reviewing Top Hits And Misses

It’s a simple concept, as per usual. We get to throw out a few of the hits…and since it won’t be perfect, the misses.

First up, let’s go with the misses.

Honestly, I don’t have a lot here.

My first one is simple, and I basically say this every year.

Not to beat a dead horse…but I miss the old Survivor Series format I grew up on. Back when we got most of the card as the special 4 or 5 man tag matches.

survivor series reviewing the top hits

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Also, back when we used to get some surprises. As in, surprise members of teams.

Not getting many surprises nowadays, and the way Survivor Series runs now, it’s just brand versus brand.

Another miss? Some questionable, or predictable, booking.

Like, Carmella going out fast, because of her mask issues? Wasted spot.

Or, Sasha Banks getting effectively eliminated by her team. I mean, sure, it supports how no one likes Banks

And I’d be bad if I didn’t mention Kevin Owens and his own quick exit.

Sure, they all fit story lines…but I am allowed to call them misses too.

It’s probably worth mentioning Vince McMahon and his “100 million dollar egg”. Yes, it was in The Rock’s new movie…and this PPV was all about honoring him.

For me, I see Survivor Series and an egg, and I am thinking of the Gobbledegooker. Or however you spell it.

So, enough of the misses…we have to get into reviewing the top hits, too.

It’s time for the hits!

This one might confuse you…but the booking in general.

Yes, I know I had the format as a miss…but once you got past that, I feel that Suvivor Series 2021 gave us a really strong card.

Starting the main show with Becky versus Charlotte was a smart move.

survivor series 2021

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The men’s five on five kept things going.

And things just progressed and kept improving.

I mean sure, it was not all perfection. No card can be…though some come close.

But, I came in with low expectations (that never hurts). The card was able to exceed those low expectations easily.

Plus, call it motivation because Vince was there…maybe out of fear due to the rash of cuts…but I feel like the Superstars dialed some things up a notch.

PPV felt a bit bigger for a change. As if it were really one of the fabled ” Big 4″ WWE PPV.

If I were grading matches, I think my top four would be (in no particular order), Becky versus Charlotte, The two Survivor Series matches and then the men’s tag champs versus tag champs.

Nothing against the other matches, they all did what they needed to do. I just feel those four were the best of the best.

reviewing the top hits and misses

source: custom, wwe twitter screenshot

If you felt that any one I left off was better? Honestly I couldn’t likely argue too much.

So that’s it for Survivor Series 2021. Those are my hits and misses for the show, which effectively concludes the WWE main roster PPV slate for the year.

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