Ryback Wants Laughable WWE Request, Candice LeRae Contract Talk

Ryback Laughable WWE Request
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I a laughable request, Ryback says he would field a WWE offer on one condition. Also, since Candice LeRae is pregnant, her contract might get frozen.

Ryback Wants Laughable WWE Request

At one time, some thought Ryback could be the next Ultimate Warrior. Well, his time in WWE fizzled and he never reached such a level. 

Ryback debuted on TV as Skip Sheffield. He was part of The Nexus before an injury saw him miss a year and he was repackaged as Ryback. 

Depending on who you believe, there was tension between WWE and Ryback. Therefore, Ryback was released in 2016 following a contract dispute.

He has not worked much inside the ring since leaving WWE, but would actually return. Although, there is catch as he wants Vince McMahon gone.

While speaking on The Ryback Show, the former WWE superstar list his reasoning.

“I will be very open to going back to WWE if they are sold,” said Ryback. “I have always been quite frank.” 

“If Vince McMahon is out of there and there is a brand new leadership, I will then be very interested in revisiting that.” 

“Because that will be beneficial for me as a brand and as a performer going back to where I am known from, where I built an audience that is already well aware of who I am.”

Currently, WWE is going through major changes. They redid NXT and have been firing people, office and wrestlers, like crazy.

So, Ryback is asking for a lot as Vince will likely never step-down as CEO. 

Ryback And His WWE Run

Despite all the problems, Ryback was placed very high by WWE. He was quickly inserted into the WWE Championship picture, but never captured the title.

Sometimes, he was the heel and other times a face. He even formed a tag team with Curtis Axel that nowhere. 

For a time, Ryback was the Intercontinental Champion. That was as far as he went in the title department.

Since leaving WWE, Ryback has been very vocal on social media. Mostly, fans do not seem interested and in several polls they suggested Ryback never wrestle again.

For the past five years, Ryback has barely competed. Complaining about people and having other wrestlers note how unsafe you are inside the ring could have been a factor. 

Candice LeRae Contract Talk

Ryback Laughable WWE Request

Source: WrestleTalk, Twitter, Screenshot

Earlier in the year, we learned Candice LeRae will be a first time mother alongside Johnny Gargano. Now, comes the issue involving her contract.

WWE has the right to add additional time since LeRae is off TV. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted how her contract ended in May 2022, but that will likely be extended until late next year.

That little fact could impact Gargano. He just signed a week long extension with WWE that will keep him until after WarGames.

Although, there is no guarantee he stays. The tricky part is what Gargano will now.

On the main roster, he would easily be buried. Although, the face of NXT no longer fits the current vision of the brand.

If Gargano stays, that could see LeRae do the same. Or, they could follow many others and not re-sign with WWE.

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