On Daniel Bryan’s WWE Exit, What’s Next For Don Callis In AEW

on daniel bryan's wwe exit
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Now that he is getting comfortable in his new home, we’ve got some news on the former Daniel Bryan’s WWE exit. Plus, what’s next for Don Callis in AEW?

On Daniel Bryan’s WWE Exit

While he is no longer there, we’ve got some info on the former Daniel Bryan’s WWE exit earlier in 2021.

As a brief recap, Daniel Bryan left WWE in early 2021. He worked his final match on the April 30th SmackDown, losing to Roman Reigns.

His contract effectively expired after that defeat, and his status was unknown as we headed into the summer.

Then, news broke that he was signing with AEW, and he made his debut late in the summer.

Now going by his real name, Bryan Danielson certainly did not burn any bridges on his way out.

Shortly after he landed in AEW, Bryan Danielson posted a heartfelt note of thanks to WWE and it’s fans.

on daniel bryan's wwe exit

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It was safe to assume that the former Daniel Bryan left the company on good terms.

Now, we can shed further light on his WWE exit.

Per Fightful Select, Daniel Bryan’s last days could not have gone any better.

According to some, he handled himself so well that most didn’t think he was leaving.

Bryan, to probably no one’s shock, made sure that his final WrestleMania match and his last WWE match went flawlessly.

It’s with that in mind that, while Daniel Bryan has made his WWE exit for now…that door remains open for a return.

No one would be shocked at all if he, at some point, returned for a swan song. While some former Superstars happily burn bridges upon their exit, Daniel Bryan did things better.

In fairness, WWE has always had an open door policy for any former Superstars. Some returns seemed to be longer shots than others…but if Bret Hart can return, anyone can.

What’s Next For Don Callis In AEW

We noted earlier that there are no current plans for IMPACT and AEW to work together, so what’s next for Don Callis in AEW?

It was a fair question, considering there are no pending plans for the companies to work together-though the partnership remains intact.

According to the Wrestling Observer, while things between IMPACT and AEW are on pause, what’s next for Don Callis in AEW is not.

Don Callis remains under contract in AEW, so we can expect to see him back on television soon.

As he has been doing to date, we can expect him to resume managing current AEW Champion Kenny Omega.

whats next for don callis in aew

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Fans will likely whats next for Don Callis without the active partnership between IMPACT and AEW, but with the separate contract, there’s no need to worry.

Even if he wasn’t otherwise covered, the relationship is not over with.

If anything, considering his ongoing role on AEW television, alongside the company’s top champion, that would have just motivated Tony Khan to make things happen.

Fortunately, no hoops need to be jumped through. Fans can expect to see Don Callis back on AEW television soon enough.

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