MJF Promo Upset Chris Jericho, RVD Dealing With Memory Loss

MJF Promo Chris Jericho
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A MJF promo always pushes the envelope in AEW, but a recent one angered Chris Jericho. Also, RVD is having trouble remembering things due to memory loss.

MJF Promo Upset Chris Jericho

When asked about promos that skate the line between kayfabe and reality, Chris Jericho admitted he was somewhere in the middle. He pointed to a recent promo AEW co-worker MJF cut as an example of how fine the line is between being real and too real.

Few people who would argue that MJF is the best heel in AEW, especially went it comes to the mic. Some, would say he is the best in the business today.

Jericho is one of the few wrestlers that can cut an amazing promo without directions. He is naturally talented in that way.

While on Sports Media with Richard Deitsch, Jericho went over promos. Particularly, he was upset with a recent promo by MJF about Lex Luger being in a wheelchair.

“There’s only so deep you can go,” said Jericho. “I think that, for example, there was a line a few weeks ago that MJF used about Lex Luger being in a wheelchair to Sting.” 

“I don’t think that gets heat, I think it makes people feel uncomfortable, makes people feel bad, and you don’t want that. So there is a fine line between using real life issues, and going to inside baseball, where it’s like, ‘I don’t know what this guy is talking about, but it just doesn’t feel right.’” 

Chris Jericho On The Fine Line In Promos With MJF

“To me, that is the fine line of a pro wrestling promo. If there’s something in the universe that people know, then you can use it because it’s been on the show or whatever.” 

“If it’s something behind the scenes like, ‘well, your dad was a drunk’ and like, ‘where did that come from?” 

“His dad’s a drunk? Well that sucks. My dad was a drunk too. I don’t want to watch this show anymore.’”

“That’s how I feel. I don’t think it gets more heat, I think it actually gets reverse heat, which has people going, ugh. We know it’s a show.’”

“So, I think there’s a fine line to it. You can make things seem real with your intentions and the way you say things and the words you use. That makes it real.” 

“So you’ve got to be careful. And people sometimes go, ‘oh, I’m going to say this and it’s going to get major heat.’ And people just kind of sit there going, ‘I don’t know what he’s talking about.’ So there’s a fine line.”

When it comes to promos, it is tough to know if someone has gone too far. Like comedy, nothing is rally off limits.

MJF and Jericho shared the ring a few times. Outside of their last meeting, MJF always stood tall.

For now, they seemed to have transitioned into other programs.

RVD Dealing With Memory Loss

Source: Wrestling Observer, Twitter, Screenshot

Rob Van Dam made a name for himself in ECW with high risk spots never before seen. He used that popularity to find work from other promotions.

Reelz has a documentary coming out Saturday on RVD’s stand-up comedy. Although, Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio noted how the piece turned into a story about RVD’s head trauma and memory loss.

Meltzer continued that those in Impact Wrestling stated RVD had trouble remembering spots in his matches.

It is certainly sad news to hear. So far, RVD has not commented on his memory. 

Hopefully, he can get some medical help. Wrestle Newz is sending positive vibes to RVD.

Catch the documentary, “Rob Van Dam: Headstrong,” Saturday at 8 PM on Reelz.

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