Mandy Rose NXT Move Unexpected, Top AEW Star Suffers Concussion

Mandy Rose NXT Move
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This past July 2021, Mandy Rose ended up back on NXT. From the sounds of it, the move back to WWE’s “developmental” brand was unexpected for both fans and Rose herself. More on this story, down below.

Mandy Rose NXT Move Unexpected

Mandy Rose returned to NXT this past July. By the time August hit, she formed her “Toxic Attraction” alliance with Jacy Jayne and Gigi Dolin.

Ditching the blonde hair, Rose became a brunette, and things really began to progress. Not only for her but her entire faction.

Halloween Havoc was a big event for Rose and Toxic Attraction. Mandy scored the NXT Women’s title, while Dolin and Jayne won the NXT Women’s Tag Championships.

From the sounds of it, it’s been a whirlwind of events for Rose since the summer. She sat down with Fightful to talk about it all.

Mandy Rose Had “No Idea” About Her NXT Move

Rose relays that the call to return to NXT was unexpected. She also had “no idea” exactly what was going to happen with her return.

During the interview, Mandy states that she knew she’d help other talents in the brand out. She also knew she’d be a heel.

However, she had no clue about anything more than that. She was left entering NXT with many “unknowns”.

Rose states that being in the dark is the “norm” at the company. This isn’t the first WWE superstar to note something like this.

It’ll be interesting to see what comes next for Mandy Rose. With a new look, and gold around her waist, anything is possible.

Will she ever return to the main roster? Maybe someday.

However, she’s riding a nice NXT wave right now. Here’s to continued success for Rose and Toxic Attraction.

Across the playing field to AEW, the women’s division there is on fire. Unfortunately, there’s a talent that’s recently suffered a concussion.

Top AEW Star Suffers Concussion

Much like Mandy Rose, things changed for the better for Thunder Rosa this past July. It was at this point that AEW officially signed her to a full-time contract.

Mandy Rose NXT Move

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She’s quite popular in the promotion’s women’s division. Sadly, Rosa has hit the injured list due to a concussion.

Thunder Rosa reveals her concussion and status with the AEW during a recent vlog. She did not state where or when the injury occurred.

Not Many Details Were Offered

In the update video, Rosa tells fans she’s on her way to AEW Dynamite to “see if” she can get cleared. Not many details were offered around her situation.

It’s unknown how long Thunder Rosa will be out with this concussion. Injuries of this type can be very tricky.

Thunder Rosa made her official AEW debut in August 2020. In fact, last March, she and Britt Baker were the first women to ever close Dynamite.

With that said, she didn’t have a full-time deal with the company. That is, until this past July.

Rosa is a unique talent in the AEW Women’s division. Here’s hoping she can recover from this concussion quickly and head back to in-ring competition.