WWE Wrestler Set For A Huge Push By Management

WWE Wrestler Scheduled For Huge Push
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One WWE wrestler is scheduled for a huge push in the coming months. If rumors are to be believed, the wrestler in question is a huge fan favorite, which could mean the WWE is starting to listen to fans (finally!).

WWE Wrestler Scheduled For Huge Push

WWE Wrestler Scheduled For Huge Push

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

According to the rumor mill, Montez Ford is supposed to get a huge push. It is alleged that the wrestler has drawn the attention of upper management, and Vince, in a good way.

The WWE believes that Montez Ford could become a major breakout star for the promotion. And if the rumors are accurate, the WWE has already done a trial run with the wrestler to see if he could cope with his newfound success.

Montez Ford appeared to have passed his trial run and is now being considered for a push. Of course, this could have serious consequences for the Street Profits. 

The Street Profits are arguably one of the more popular teams to come from NXT. Unfortunately, this team could be broken up if Vince has a singles push in mind.

Many tag teams have come from NXT, but not many have survived their trial of fire. If anything, a tag team still has to come from NXT unscathed. 

Whenever a tag team comes up, one of them is picked out for singles competition. So it seems the tag team division will continue to suffer in Montez Ford continues on singles. 

Could Montez Ford Be A Breakout Star

The Street Profits

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

There is no denying that the Street Profits have huge chemistry. If anything, they stood out considerably with their tag team gimmick.

I wasn’t the biggest fan in the beginning, but their personalities made me warmer to them in minimal time. Of course, question remains if Montez Ford can do the same in singles.

While I do not like to compare tag team wrestlers with one another, one has to admit that Montez Ford certainly stands out. His energy is unmatched by anyone on the roster, and that certainly makes things more interesting.

Montez will probably make some minor changes to his character if he does continue in singles. Hopefully, he will find his footing quickly and really shine. 

Of course, this does not mean I don’t worry about his tag team partner. What will happen to him when all the attention goes to Montez?

Success is a funny thing. You may not get there on your own, but you might have to enjoy it on your own one day.

I do hate good tag teams splitting up. And unfortunately the focus of WWE is far from the tag team division.

On the other hand, it is great to see another African-American wrestler get opportunities in a company that was predominantly focussed on white wrestlers in the past. The company’s diversity is on point at least.

It remains to be seen if Ford will sink or swim. But for now, I have trust that Ford will run with it and grab that brass ring of opportunity.

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