Sonya Deville Furious, Keith Lee Thought Career Was Over

Sonya Deville Furious
source: custom; Wrestle Purists twitter screenshot

After a contentious segment on SmackDown, we’ve heard Sonya Deville was furious enough at Charlotte Flair that she wanted to fight the WWE superstar. Plus, Keith Lee thought his career was over following his health issues.

Sonya Deville Furious

In case you missed it, last week’s SmackDown ended with an interesting title exchange segment. Now, we have more on the Charlotte Flair heat stemming from that segment.

During the segment, it seemed the title exchange between Flair and Becky Lynch was a bit awkward.

Turns out, it did not go completely as planned, and for that, Charlotte Flair had heat backstage.

It’s been discussed that Flair had heat with Becky Lynch. The two reportedly got heated in the Gorilla position afterwards.

Things boiled over so much that WWE officials escorted Charlotte Flair from the arena, likely seeking to avoid any further escalations.

It turns out that there was at least one other person, aside from Becky Lynch, who wanted a piece of Flair.


source: custom; Wrestle Purists twitter screenshot

Sonya Deville Was Ready To Put Her Hair Up And Square Up With Charlotte Flair?

Per PWInsider, Sonya Deville was reportedly ready to fight Charlotte Flair over how that segment went down.

Of course, Deville was the WWE official presiding over the title belt exchange, so she was in the mix as Flair dropped the RAW Women’s Championship.

Things got a bit more interesting after the show, with Flair’s partner in crime-current AEW star Andrade El Idolo-posting a rather inflammatory message to Twitter.

From other reports, Charlotte Flair has quite a bit of time left on her WWE contract. However, as we see with other professional athletes, perhaps Flair is doing her level best to make WWE want to release her.

Considering that WWE is battling AEW for eyeballs…and Flair is one of the biggest women in the sport…it seems unlikely the company would just let her go.

Still, considering how SmackDown went, and the heat on Flair at the moment, it make’s this Friday’s SmackDown that much more of a must-see.

Keith Lee Thought Career Was Over

Much has been said about this Superstar missing time of late. Now we are learning that Keith Lee actually thought his career was over due to his health issues.

For much of the year, fans did not get to see Keith Lee on television. The Superstar had tested positive for COVID earlier in the year, but fans assumed he had recovered and was just being kept off.

There were reports that Lee was one of several bigger Superstars sent back to the Performance Center to work things out in the ring.

After that, some fans were worried that Lee was in the doghouse. There was speculation that he could be another big name released by the company in recent months.

Lee, for his part, posted some semi-cryptic messages on social media, but ultimately promised to tell all at some point.

He returned to action right as WWE started performing in front of audiences again, but his appearances were sporadic.

Then, the truth came out.

keith lee thought career was over

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After testing positive, as with other talent, he underwent further testing to make sure it was safe for him to return.

During one such test, WWE doctors saw a reason to be concerned. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that Keith Lee had heart inflammation.

Lee discussed this topic with Ryan Satin on a recent podcast. During the show, Lee revealed that, as he went through it, he honestly thought his career was over.

Or, at least, he was preparing for that possibility.

Luckily, he was able to recover and be cleared. He has since been given a new nickname-“Bearcat”-and has been drafted to RAW.

With luck, Keith Lee will be able to return to his good run.