Is Nikki Bella Retired, AEW VP Accused Of Burying Talent

is nikki bella retired
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It’s the burning question we are all curious about…is Nikki Bella retired? Plus, in a stunner, an AEW VP is accused of burying talent.

Is Nikki Bella Retired

As they were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, there were rumblings that a ring return might happen…but is Nikki Bella actually retired?

Nikki Bella, along with sister Brie, spoke on the “Sippin’ the Tea” podcast recently.

At one point, the conversation turned to a possible in-ring return.

Nikki Bella said that she would love to return to ring action down the road, once her child was old enough to see her in action and remember it.

So will we see a Nikki Bella return?

is nikki bella retired

source: custom, wwe twitter screenshot

As of now…it is unlikely.

According to Bella, per her doctors she is retired.

Basically, her neck issues won’t allow her to be medically cleared. Thus, she is instead medically retired.

So, for the time being, Nikki Bella is retired. But will be she be forever?

That used to not really be asked. However, in recent years, several high profile Superstars have returned from neck injuries that were at one time considered career ending.

Of course, we know that Hall of Famers Edge and Kurt Angle both were retired due to neck issues. And, they both made successful in-ring returns.

Because of the medical breakthroughs that allowed those Superstars to return, one has learned to never say never.

However, for now, we should consider Nikki Bella retired.

That may make some fans unhappy, while it may make others satisfied.

Another way to look at this? While Nikki Bella might not be returning to a WWE ring (or possibly any ring), could she and her sister head to AEW?

After all…they do happen to know a certain someone who now calls AEW home…

AEW VP Accused Of Burying Talent

Over the years, plenty of legends have been known to do this…and now, an AEW VP has been accused of burying talent.

And no, Hulk Hogan has not become an AEW VP recently.

The AEW VP? None other than Cody Rhodes.

There have been some bits and pieces of news lately that made fans come out and accuse Cody Rhodes of burying talent.

Those bits and pieces? For one, Tony Khan has since become the driving force behind AEW creative decisions.

aew vp burying talent

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Another point, one which has made rounds before, is that Rhodes is not close with fellow AEW founding EVPs like Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks.

Fans put two and two together and decided that this meant Cody Rhodes was on the outs, partly because he was burying talent.

The whispers got so loud that the AEW VP felt compelled to respond.

Rhodes appeared on Monsters and Critics Reality to squash the rumors.

Getting right to the point, Cody Rhodes said he felt his actions and matches the last few years proves that he is not one to be burying talent.

One notable example he brought up? Working a major PPV against, and putting over, a rookie like Darby Allin.

Rhodes gave the young AEW talent a lot of credit, and based on his response (and his actions), it would seem that Rhodes vehemently disagrees with the fan categorization.

Plenty of stars spend time burying talents, but the AEW VP does not feel like he’s one of them.