Huge Match Announced For Bryan Danielson At AEW Rampage

Big Match For Bryan Danielson at AEW Rampage
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AEW has announced a big match for Bryan Danielson at AEW Rampage. Many believe the match was put into place to draw more people to watch Rampage this Friday.

Big Match For Bryan Danielson At AEW Rampage

Bryan Danielson scheduled for big match at AEW Rampage

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Bryan Danielson is getting some solid bookings at All Elite. In fact, the promotion has now announced that Bryan Danielson is having a big match at AEW Rampage.

Yesterday, Tony Khan announced that Bryan Danielson would have a major match in the AEW Rampage pre-show. 


As you read on the Tweet, Danielson is scheduled for a match against Suzuki. The latter also had a match recently with Jon Moxley

Many people wonder why the promotion put Bryan Danielson in such an early slot. However, we believe it is quite the strategic position.

By putting Bryan Danielson on the pre-show, AEW can potentially sell more episodes of AEW Rampage or get more subscriptions. If this match is anything to go by, it could certainly be good for their viewer numbers.

Suzuki as well as Danielson are huge names in the wrestling world. Needless to say, Tony Khan made a good move by putting Danielson on the card the way he did.

Bryan Danielson Speaks About Wrestling Culture

Kenny Omega

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Bryan Danielson recently spoke about the current wrestling culture. Like many before him, Danielson stated that the wrestling culture has changed considerably compared to a mere decade ago.

 “I think the biggest change is, from a wrestler standpoint, it’s the focus on health amongst wrestlers and the decreased drug use, like when it comes to steroids, painkillers, all that kind of stuff.”

“You look at AEW, I don’t think Kenny Omega drinks or doesn’t drink very much. I don’t think the Young Bucks drink or drink very much. CM Punk is straight edge. I’ve never drank in my life. You have all these top guys who not only not do steroids, do not do painkillers, or whatever it is, they don’t even drink.”

“You talk to a lot of the guys, and a lot of them now have kids, and what their goals are. We want to be healthy, not only healthy dads, but we want to be healthy grandparents. So that’s a major culture shift and it’s a major cultural shift in the sense of how we take care of ourselves. When I first got into wrestling, you would see guys do a couple squats and then just go out there and wrestle. Now, I’ll start warming up an hour before my match.”

Several years ago, the wrestling industry was far from healthy. Over the past decade, we found out just how unhealthy the wrestling industry really was.

Abuse of painkillers, narcotics and steroids were rampant among wrestlers. To make matters worse, many struggled with serious injuries and related health issues, where wrestling would have been out of the question today.

Fortunately, the world of wrestling has changed for the better. Most wrestlers now live a clean lifestyle to get where they need to be.

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