Did Bobby Fish Sign With AEW? + Push For Chad Gable To Exit WWE

Bobby Fish Sign AEW
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Bobby Fish will be on Dynamite this week and some believe AEW already signed him to a deal. Also, there is interest outside of WWE if Chad Gable wants out.

Did Bobby Fish Sign With AEW?

AEW has a slew of titles, with each brining something special to the picture. The TNT Championship has changed hands the most, but it is because the title is defended frequently.

Miro won the title as part of his undefeated streak. Then, he suffered his first loss and subsequently dropped the gold to to Sammy Guevara on AEW Dynamite.

It did not take long for AEW to find Guevara’s first title defense. He will challenge the always ready Bobby Fish.

In a graphic for the match, fans noticed something interesting about Fish’s attire. Already, his merchandise mentions AEW and many now think he already signed with the promotion.

As part of the major cuts by WWE, Fish was let go. He spent years in NXT as part of the Undisputed Era alongside Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly and Roderick Strong.

Once Cole turned on O’Reilly, the group quickly disbanded. Cole would leave for AEW once his NXT contract expired, with O’Reilly and Strong becoming singles stars.

While AEW has signed plenty of WWE names over the past year, they select wisely. They took for wrestlers with no backstage problems and make sure the roster shares TV time.

Fish is still young a great addition for AEW. Now, it will be interesting to see how he interacts with Cole or if AEW completely ignores their past.

So, should Bobby Fish sign with AEW?

Push For Chad Gable To Exit WWE

Source: Public Enemies Podcast, Twitter, Screenshot

There were moments when Chad Gable was booked as a great tag team and singles competitor. Unfortunately, he has not been doing too well lately.

Mostly, he found success as a tag team wrestler, winning gold on NXT, RAW and SmackDown. Then, he was turned into a singles wrestler called, Shorty G.

He got a decent push, but WWE could not help to move past his size. Eventually, he turned back into Gable, this time as a heel, and started Alpha Academy with Otis. 

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted how many said he is being misused, which is obvious. Now, his inner circle is pushing for him to leave WWE and join AEW.

Although, remember, Tony Khan does not talk to talent who are under contracts somewhere else and the same goes for those under non-compete clauses. Although, if anything was to change on Gable’s end, the belief is Khan would be at least open to start dialogue.

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