Crown Jewel: Undertaker In Saudi + Top WWE Talents Take Private Jet

Crown Jewel Undertaker Saudi
Source: @nodqdotcom, Screenshot, Twitter

The Undertaker is not scheduled for today’s WWE Crown Jewel pay-per-view (PPV). However, he does have a rich history with the event. On the cusp of the PPV, The Deadman was spotted in Saudi Arabia.

Crown Jewel: Undertaker In Saudi Arabia

Pitbull launched the 2021 Riyadh Season Festival and had a concert yesterday. Why is this making a wrestling news site?

Well, because The Undertaker was present and introduced the popular musician to the fans gathering for the performance. This took place at The Boulevard in Riyadh.

Interestingly enough, WWE’s Crown Jewel is taking place at the Mohammed Abdu Arena. This is located on The Boulevard in Riyadh, as well.

That’s almost a hop, skip, and jump from Pitbull’s concert. Could The Deadman be on his way to Crown Jewel?

Crown Jewel: Speculation Buzzes With The Undertaker In Saudi Arabia

Interestingly, the Phenom is in Saudi Arabia the night before WWE’s Crown Jewel event. While he is retired, there’s always a chance he could make an appearance in some capacity at the PPV.

He may interfere in a match or simply cut a promo. It’s no secret that seeing the Undertaker in any capacity would please the live crowd in Saudi, and also the fans at home.

Will Taker make a surprise appearance at Crown Jewel? Time will tell, but with him in Saudi, the chances are very likely.

Speaking of Crown Jewel, many superstars arrived in Saudi yesterday. Some even took private planes to get there.

Top WWE Talents Take Private Jet 

Sounds like most WWE superstars road to Saudi Arabia in style. Some talents came together to charter a flight, while others took private jets.

Crown Jewel Undertaker Saudi

Source: @collazo_nick, Screenshot, Twitter

Interestingly enough, Brock Lesnar took his private jet to Crown Jewel. Vince McMahon did the same.

This is “the norm” for both these individuals when it comes to traveling overseas. Meanwhile, as reported above, the Undertaker also took a private plane to the event.

However, Fit Finlay joined the Deadman on the jet for the trip. Always nice to have good company when on a long flight.

Speaking of traveling together, the Bloodline stayed true to their gimmick by keeping each other’s company, too. Roman Reigns, Paul Heyman, and The Usos traveled to Saudi together on their private jet.

The History Of Traveling To Saudi …

Meanwhile, it sounds like the rest of the roster chartered a British Airways flight together. The plane took off from San Francisco.

There was a layover in London that lasted two hours. In fact, the talent was required to remove all carry-on luggage from the aircraft.

After the layover, talent got back on the plane. From the looks of social media, seems as if everyone’s landed safe and sound in Saudi.

The last time the WWE was in Riyadh, over 175 WWE superstars, employees, and the crew were left stranded in Saudi after the 2019 Crown Jewel event. A statement released by the Atlas Air airline noted “mechanical issues”.

This delay had a domino effect for the Friday SmackDown show, the following night. Matches for Roman Reigns and the New Day were canceled.

Superstars originally boarded the aircraft and then due to the aircraft’s “issues”, emptied the plane and were left on their tarmac waiting for about six hours. Here’s hoping this does not happen this time around.