Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch Confrontation, Vince McMahon Upset

Charlotte Flair Becky Lynch
Source: Edward Brooks, Twitter, Screenshot

SmackDown’s closing segment with Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch did not go as planned and sort of turnerd into a shoot due to backstage problems between the top superstars. Therefore, Vince McMahon is not happy and he might be particularly upset at one superstar for what took place. 

Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch Confrontation

On SmackDown, the final segment featured two of WWE;’s biggest superstars in Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch. With Flair going to SmackDown and Becky to RAW, a change needed to happen with their belts.

The segment saw the two swap titles, but it did not happen smoothly. Gold was tossed around and the ladies did not look happy.

Well, there is much more to the story. PWInsder confirmed the two had a backstage confrontation.

Apparently, the two traded words backstage and things got loud. Flair allegedly disrespected Lynch by “trying to make her look bad” during the segment.

While they were heated, the source said nothing physical happened. Although, both did go off script. 

Flair was supposed to hand hand Becky the title during the segment. Instead, she pulled the title away and tossed in on the mat.

Then, Lynch threw the title at Flair, which was also not part of the plan. Once Sasha Banks entered, the original booking was back on.

Alex McCarthy of TalkSPORT reports there has been tension between the two for years. And, it all stems from a particular comment by Lynch.

“The Flair/Lynch friendship has been strained for some time,” said McCarthy. “People close to the situation say Flair didn’t appreciate being called ‘plastic’ during a promo a couple of years ago and it’s been tense since.”

Now, we are hearing Flair did not want herself or current title reign to look weak.

Vince McMahon Upset

McCarthy noted how Flair also upset Vince McMahon. She left the Gorilla Position without speaking to Vince, which angered the boss.

There is some speculation Flair was asked to leave the building too.

She was expected to head over to AEW, to show support for her fiancé, Andrade El Idolo. He was working the main event of AEW Rampage.

Andrade, who did not enjoy his time in WWE, took a shot only 11 minutes after his match with PAC ended. In a tweet, he took direct aim at WWE. 

Two of Flair’s closest allies might have issues with WWE right now, which is not helping matters. We mentioned Andrade and her father, Ric Flair, could also have problems too.

WWE are keeping their distance from Ric since the Dark Side of the Ring episode about the Plane Ride From Hell. 

Also, it should be noted how WWE has yet to upload the segment on YouTube. And, there is only one tweet between the two as the rest feature what occurred once Banks entered the picture.

The two are supposed to wrestle at Survivor Series, so they need to get past their issues. 

Stay tuned for more on this developing story.