Bryan Danielson Doing Less On AEW, Chris Jericho Cruise Update

Bryan Danielson Less AEW
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Bryan Danielson is one of the greatest of all time. He was one of WWE’s top stars and is now All Elite. With that said, he’s doing fewer matches with AEW now. Below on the reason “why”.

Bryan Danielson Doing Less On AEW

Danielson recently spoke with Boston’s WEEI. He talks about changes he’s established in the ring, lately.

Bryan notes that he needs to wrestle less matches. What’s the reason behind this?

As Danielson puts it, he tends to “go hard” in each bout. Meaning, he truly loves to give it his all.

Bryan adds that even though some may advise him to “go lighter”, he simply can’t. He knows that people have paid to come see him and he wants to give them their money’s worth.

Bryan states that he doesn’t care if he’s performing in front of 20,000 fans or 85. He also said that it’s hard for individuals like him to “pull back” while in the ring.

Bryan Danielson Doing Less Matches On AEW

Therefore, for BD, it’s all about doing fewer matches each year. That way, he can focus on the “quality” of the bouts he does.

Earlier in October, Danielson had a match with Minor Suzuki, NJPW Legend. He admitted to feeling “beat up” after it.

Ultimately, Bryan Danielson wants to give the fans something they are happy with. At the same time, he has to watch his body and health.

Sometimes less is more. On to another AEW star and his infamous cruise.

Chris Jericho Cruise Update

WNZ has an interesting update on Chris Jericho’s recent cruise. Unlike other times, this one did not have an AEW taping take place.

Bryan Danielson Less AEW

@MakitohSimp142, Twitter, Screenshot

Dave Meltzer from Wrestling Observer Radio chimed in on this during a recent edition. According to him, the previous show from the cruise didn’t bring in impressive ratings.

As Dave notes, this tends to happen when you pre-tape anything. Especially if results get leaked.

However, running the show live from the ship is too costly, as well. Despite the “cool” look of wrestling from a cruise ship, no tapings were done for this boat ride.

In fact, taping on the ship, in general, is expensive too. This might also be the reason for no taping this time around.

After all, if the ratings didn’t pop up, executives may wonder why they should bother? It makes sense from that point of view.

More Chris Jericho Cruising To Come …

During the cruise, Chris Jericho announced the fourth cruising event, which is set for March 2022. Much like past ones, AEW talents will be on the boat.

No word yet if there are plans around a camera crew or taping. However, these cruises always feature AEW stars and talents from other promotions.

There are autograph sessions, live performances, and photo opps for attendees. It does sound like overall fun had by all.

Although, this past cruise started rocky. Fans who paid a ton of money to attend the event had to sit in long lines and wait.

The good news is, after that settled down, they enjoyed some wrestling from AEW, NJPW, and ROH stars. There’s a reason why fans go to these cruising events time and time again.

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