Brock Lesnar – Roman Reigns Idea, Dominik Mysterio Wants New Name

Brock Lesnar Roman Reigns
Source: WWE, Twitter, Screenshot

Unless The Rock is free, look for WWE to stretch Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns well into 2022. Also, Dominik Mysterio is looking to change his first name.

Brock Lesnar – Roman Reigns Idea

WWE returns to Saudi Arabia October 21 and a marquee match is Universal Champion Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar. These two have fought many times, but now the face and heel personas have switched. 

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter mentioned how this will not be a one-time match. WWE is looking to stretch the angle into WrestleMania 38, especially if The Rock is not available.

“From what we understand, and what makes sense, is this is not a one-and-done program,” stated the report. “For one, unless Dwayne Johnson is wrestling Reigns at next year’s WrestleMania, this would appear to be the biggest possible ‘Mania match.” 

“So the idea here is to build to a return, whether that means Lesnar wins to build to a rematch or some disputed decision takes place. There is also Paul Heyman in play as the storyline is written to tease that Heyman is a double agent and you don’t know who he will side with when all the chips are down.”

Heyman can and will likely play a key role in the match. He has been beside Lesnar for most his career, but that changed.

Once Lesnar’s contract expired after WrestleMania 36, he did not return for about 16 months. Meanwhile, Reigns turned heel by aligning with Heyman.

And, that has resulted in Reigns being Universal Champion since August of 2020. Also, he has not been pinned in the current decade.

The Rock vs Reigns seems to be what fans want, but that could be difficult. It all depends if The Rock has time and is permitted to wrestle from those in Hollywood.

Dominik Mysterio Wants New Name

Source: WrestleZone, Twitter, Screenshot

Before Dominik Mysterio debuted inside a WWE ring, there were a ton of questions. Some did not think he was ready for such high-profile matches or what his attire should be.

So far, he has been impressive and his clothing is similar to his father. Although, the obvious thing missing is the mask.

While on Out of Character Podcast with Ryan Satin, Dominik noted the end goal is to change his name.

“The long goal, the endgame, is to eventually take over the Rey Mysterio name,” said Dominik (thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcription. “That’s the legacy within it, he’s Rey Mysterio, it’s only right to make it junior.”

“Traditional and Lucha culture and Hispanic culture, that’s tradition, that’s what you do. I kind of showed up and Dom Mysterio just organically happened.”

“Everything happened so fast, we didn’t get a chance to put these little things together, but we’ve definitely talked about it. He’s mentioned it before, the mask is something that I have to earn along with the name so one day if he wants to pass it onto me after he retires or wants to make me earn it after he retires, whatever it is I’m up for it.”

“I just know that that name belongs to me and it’s only right. Hispanically, culturally, it’s only right but whatever he wants at the end of the day because he’s the one who’s made it what it is. I’ll respect his decision whatever it is.”

The father and son duo became the first in WWE history to win tag team gold. Unfortunately, since then, they have struggled to score wins with WWE teasing tension.