WWE-AEW Crossover Matches
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There are several WWE-AEW crossover matches we would love to see. But which of these matches actually made our top ten?

New Day Versus Orange Cassidy And Best Friends

WWE-AEW crossover matches

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

One of the first WWE-AEW crossover matches that came to mind was this one. Of course, it is not difficult to see why.

The premise of both tag teams is inherently the same. After all, both made a name for themselves with comedy as a baseline.

Orange Cassidy and Best Friends are a staple of AEW. New Day is undoubtedly a Hall of Fame-worthy team.

How great would it be if these two stables went head to head. I would pay good money for it.

Demon Balor Versus Pac

Finn Balor

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While Pac and Balor have worked on the same roster, we never seen these guys together at their full creative best. So imagine a return of Demon Balor facing none other than Pac.

Demon Balor was a feared opponent back in his NXT days. Unfortunately, that Balor is all but forgotten now. 

While Demon Balor made a brief return for Roman Reigns, I would love to see the old Demon Balor again. Ideally, against someone like “The Bastard” Pac.

Fortunately, a match between these two might not be completely out of the question in the future. 

Thunder Rosa Versus Sasha Banks

WWE-AEW Crossover Matches

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

We also have a fair share of women’s matches in our dream WWE-AEW crossover matches. One of them is none other than Sasha Banks versus Thunder Rosa. 

While I have never been the biggest Sasha Banks fan, there is no denying she is a once-in-a-lifetime talent. Of course, the same can be said about Thunder Rosa.

Their match-up would be a brand new one. And I would pay good money to see what these two women can do in the ring.

The Lucha Brothers Versus Rey & Dominik Mysterio

WWE-AEW Crossover Matches

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

I do love a good Luchador matchup. And at the moment, I could not think of a better one than the Lucha Brothers and the Mysterio family.

Dominik Mysterio has been wrestling for some time for WWE. Rey on the other hand, had numerous dealings with the Lucha Brothers in the past.

Lucha Brothers and Rey both worked for Lucha Underground at one point. But now Rey has a wrestling son.

I would love to see these four in a wrestling ring, as they each bring something quite unique to the table.

Seth Rollins Versus Kenny Omega

Seth Rollins

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I have to be honest. There are probably a dozen opponents I would choose to face Seth Rollins.

Rollins is one of those unique talents that is difficult to match. However, if I had to pick one opponent it would be Omega.

Both men succeeded in creating larger-than-life heel personas. More than that, they remained insanely popular while portraying that persona.

It would be great to see how these men try to one up one another during a feud. 

The Usos Versus Santana And Ortiz

WWE-AEW crossover matches

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

While I love the whole “Bloodline” situation, I think the Usos never got the exposure they really deserved as a tag team. Of course, the same could arguably be said about Santana and Ortiz.

One of the best tag team matches I ever saw involved Santana and Ortiz against Best Friends. I think they could put something out of this world on TV if they faced the Usos.

There are many similarities between the styles of these two tag teams. Imagine them trying to get the upper hand in a tag team match. 

Becky Lynch Versus Britt Baker

Britt Baker

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Britt Baker and Becky Lynch share similar paths to success. There were often ignored, until a bloody injury made them extremely memorable.

Baker got the reputation of a tough girl when she got a bloody injury during her match with Thunder Rosa. Lynch on the other hand got her nose broken by Nia Jax.

Both women are also outstanding heels. Lynch as the man, as Britt Baker as D.M.D.

But where there are similarities, there are also differences. Of course, this is also what would make a match between these two women incredibly interesting to watch.

CM Punk Versus Karion Kross

Karrion Kross

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Karrion Kross was quite the mythical persona back on NXT. And it is this Karrion Kross I would love to see against CM Punk.

Of course, there are a bunch of people who would do well against Kross. In addition to Punk, my second pick would be Malakai Black or Cody Rhodes.

Still, a legendary wrestler such as Punk could get a timeless match out of Kross. And I think this is exactly what this particular wrestler needs at this point in his career.

And can you imagine how many tickets this would sell?

AJ Styles Versus Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Kenny Omega is the best wrestler to ever live in my book. Needless to say, there are lots of dream matches I want for him.

That being said, one opponent is an absolutely must. In fact, I would love to see Omega versus Styles.

AJ Styles and Kenny Omega were both King of the Indies at one point. Their love for wrestling was quite similar, but their paths ended up very different.

Who would come out victorious if these two Bullet Club members faced off? Omega or Styles?

Roman Reigns Versus Jon Moxley

Roman Reigns

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Roman Reigns and Jon Moxley have such a history together, it would be impossible not to have them face off on one of our WWE-AEW crossover matches. Of course, there is no way of telling who would come out the winner.

Reigns has evolved considerably since Moxley left for AEW. Naturally, the same can be said for Jon Moxley.

Needless to say, Roman would not have the easiest time against Moxley. After all, the Shield Brothers know each other well indeed.

But how much have both men evolved? And have they evolved enough to be called the undisputed cross brand champ?

What’s your favorite cross-over match? Let us know in the comments.