When Does Seth Rollins’ Contract End, Superstar Gave Brock Lesnar Beer

seth rollins contract end
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Superstar status is a huge topic of late, so now let’s find out…when does Seth Rollins’ contract end? Plus, which Superstar gave Brock Lesnar beer and why?

When Does Seth Rollins’ Contract End

Every week, it seems another Superstar’s contract is coming up…so when does Seth Rollins’ contract with WWE end?

Rollins was recently a guest on the Broken Skull Sessions with host Steve Austin. It ended up being a very revealing conversation, from which a few nuggets came out.

One such item? When Seth Rollins’ contract ends.

Contracts are a hot-button item nowadays. Releases are one thing, but a number of NXT and main roster WWE Superstars look to have contracts ending in the not-too-distant future.

For example, on the NXT side, Johnny  Gargano has his contract ending later this year.

On the main roster side, a couple major names have contracts ending in the next several months. Specifically, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn both have contracts that are believed to end by early next year.

All these contracts ending would follow with other recent expirations…that did not work out well for WWE.

Daniel Bryan and Adam Cole both had WWE contracts expire in 2021…and both took advantage of free agent status to join AEW.

All these contracts ending are on top of the self-inflicted wounds WWE is giving itself via it’s major releases. Speculation is that the former Bray Wyatt might appear in AEW very soon, for example.

seth rollins contract end

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So, what about Seth Rollins?

Well, according to Rollins and his chat with Steve Austin…he has some time left.

Speaking to Austin, he offered an idea of when his current contract runs till.

While Seth Rollins did not give specifics, he mentioned that he thinks his new daughter would be “about 3 or 4” when the current one ends.

For those keeping score at home, Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins’ baby, Roux, was born in December of 2020.

Math would say that his contract ends somewhere between 2023 and 2024, roughly.

Rollins spoke openly about some unfinished goals, so he’s got reasons to stick around.

One thing that seems surprising is that, for as good as Rollins has been…he has never main evented WrestleMania.

Yes, he cashed in during one WrestleMania main event. However, he was never billed as or booked as the announced main event.

With that in mind, it seems that Rollins should be in WWE a good bit longer. Unless they inexplicably release him in the meantime…

Superstar Gave Brock Lesnar Beer

Speaking of Rollins and WrestleMania, the Superstar gave Brock Lesnar beer.


Well, as a thank you gesture after Lesnar put Rollins over.

The match in question when the Superstar gave Brock Lesnar beer?

That would be their WrestleMania 35 match, where Rollins defeated Lesnar for the Universal Championship.

brock lesnar beer

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During the chat on with Steve Austin, Rollins revealed that he gave Brock Lesnar a bucket of beer as a thank you for putting him over in the match.

Rollins also may catch some grief from Lesnar at some point, as the Superstar called the Beast “a really nice guy when he wants to be”.

In the end, it is a nice and simple (if cheap) gesture, and it’s cool to hear about.