The Top 5 Matches We Want For Kevin Owens At AEW

Kevin Owens AEW Matches
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There are plenty of rumors that Kevin Owens is AEW bound, so it’s the perfect time to look at some potential matches for the former champion. But which are our top 5 for K.O.?

1. Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega AEW Matches

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One of the first opponents I would like to see is none other than Kenny Omega. After all, what better match than the top heel on the roster.

Of course, the top five matches Kevin Owens could have at AEW will depend on his persona. If he comes in as a heel, facing Kenny Omega will be a little harder.

Heel versus heel is not unheard of though. And with Adam Cole joining Omega, Owens could perfectly slot in a feud.

2. Chris Jericho

Kevin Owens AEW Matches

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Chris Jericho also makes our list. After all, we all remember the “Festival of Friendship” in WWE.

The downside to the feud in WWE is that it never got the ending it deserved. If Owens ends up in AEW, then the feud could finally shine.

Big business for AEW, and a deserved ending for the work these wrestlers put in back in the day.

3. Darby Allin

Darby Allin

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When it comes down to possible opponents, you cannot miss out on one of the hottest new talents on the roster. Therefore, Darby Allin is our next suggestion for a Kevin Owens feud.

If Owens ends up in AEW, he will be booked strongly. Needless to say, top feuds should be on the priority list.

There is no bigger young talent at this point than Darby Allin. Of course, Allin is still considered a face.

If Owens comes in as a face, he can always tag with Allin against a heel team. One suggestion would be the Young Bucks.

In short, there are many potential options where Darby Allin is concerned. 

4. MJF


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Jumping on Owens’ past feud with Chris Jericho, MJF would be the next possibility. After all, there are many similarities between Jericho and MJF where wrestling characters are concerned.

MJF is undoubtedly one of the best heels on the AEW roster. As such, he would make the perfect opponent for Owens’ debut.

Maybe MJF could even be used for Kevin Owens’ debut if he comes in as a face persona?

Who knows, he could even “save” Jericho from MJF during their ongoing feud? Either way, there are endless possibilities where this feud is concerned.

5. Jon Moxley

Jon Moxley

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There is no better way to show the difference between AEW and WWE than to hold a feud between Moxley and Owens. 

Both Moxley and Owens were major talents back in the indies. But somehow, their paths in WWE led them astray.

Moxley has been able to display his full range of skills on AEW and NJPW. If Owens does move away from WWE, he could finally go back to the wrestler he was.

It will be amazing to see the full range of Kevin Steen again! And who could be better as a potential opponent for that than Jon Moxley?

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