Lio Rush May Return According to Tony Khan
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Former AEW wrestler Lio Rush may be returning to All Elite according to Tony Khan. The wrestling boss recently admitted that talks with the wrestler have been happening.

Tony Khan Says Lio Rush Could Return

Tony Khan Lio Rush Return

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

The world believed that Lio Rush had retired from pro wrestling. However, this does not seem to be the case anymore.

All Elite boss Tony Khan claims that a return for Lio Rush to AEW is imminent. Khan revealed this news on his social media account.

“I see a lot of tweets talking about Lio Rush today. Coincidentally, I’ve been talking to @TheLionelGreen a lot recently about returning to @AEW, and it feels like something that could happen in the near future.”

Based on the recent messages, Lio Rush is no longer retired from the pro wrestling circuit. And there is further evidence that Rush is not thinking of quitting anymore.

Since he announced his retirement, Rush has been wrestling at New Japan. So, it remains to be seen if Rush is having second thoughts. 

Of course, it is possible that Rush is doing a retirement tour. Some clarity should come in the months to follow.

Rush is not the only talent that has been signed by Tony Khan in recent memory. In fact, lots of former WWE talent has found a new home at AEW.

For the past few months, Khan signed lots of former WWE talent. Of course, not all this talent is solely active on AEW.

A prime example of such a talent is Christian, who is currently the Impact Wrestling  Champion. 

Will Rush Do Cross Promotion?


Source: Screenshot, YouTube

If Rush has not fully retired, it remains to be seen if he will remain at AEW. After all, Tony Khan does not mind wrestlers working several promotions at the same time.

One prime example of a wrestler who works multiple promotions is Jon Moxley. In addition to working for AEW, Moxley also had matches for New Japan Pro Wrestling.

The fact that wrestlers are not bound to a soul crushing contract is a big attraction for many indie wrestlers. It enables them to still work for the promotions they love, but also get some mainstream attention.

Lio Rush never really hit off in the WWE. He was hounded by a bad backstage reputation and pretty much lost his job before he even hit his prime. 

Imagine the surprise of many wrestling fans when Lio Rush announced his retirement shortly after being released from WWE. After an appearance at AEW, many believed Rush would never return again.

But with the recent announcement of Tony Khan, this has all been pulled into question. For now, Rush is not yet retired.

His story does offer some additional hope for wrestlers who never get to the true big time in WWE. Thanks to Tony Khan and All Elite Wrestling, WWE is no longer the only final destination for indie wrestlers. 

If Lio does return to AEW, we are curious to see in what capacity that will be.