Kenny Omega Wants To Face Roman Reigns In The Future

AEW Kenny Omega Roman Reigns
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AEW Champion Kenny Omega has some big plans, and some involving Roman Reigns. During a recent interview, he admitted he would love to face the WWE champ.

AEW Kenny Omega Versus WWE Roman Reigns

AEW Kenny Omega Roman Reigns

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Sounds like a dream match that is unlikely to happen. But who knows given the success AEW has booked recently.

Kenny Omega certainly has his sights set on the Samoan champ. In a recent interview, he admitted that Roman is one of the people he wants a match with. 

“There’s been quite a few already, so I’m not lacking in opponents. I don’t exactly have anyone I have in mind but….if I must say I’d love to go against (the current WWE Universal Champion) Roman Reigns. It would be a great opportunity to show who’s the real World Champion.”

I don’t disagree with Omega. Roman Reigns would be an excellent opponent.

Think about it. Both AEW and WWE have their own set of champions at this point. 

Omega is undoubtedly one of the biggest champions the brand has. The same applies for Roman Reigns in the WWE.

Roman Reigns versus Kenny Omega would in theory be the biggest world champions facing each other.

While their styles are very different, it would certainly be a bestseller.

Reigns has found himself in the WWE after years of finding the gimmick that works. But it seems Paul Heyman and character overhaul have done the trick.

Omega on the other hand has always enjoyed great popularity and is rightfully called one of the best wrestlers in the world. What would happen if they ever met?

90% of WWE Wants To Join AEW


Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Kenny Omega made some strong statements during his recent interview. He even turned things up a notch when he claimed 90% of the WWE roster wants to join AEW.

Omega even said more stars will join the brand in the coming years.

“There will definitely be a lot more of them coming over in the future. I feel that about 90% of the wrestlers in WWE would want to jump over to AEW.”

Kenny also mentioned some of the New Japan stars he would like to see in a AEW ring in the future.

“Obviously, I have to put up (Kota) Ibushi. If he flies over to US, I know for sure (Kazuchika) Okada will be very happy. The fans have been very receptive to Takeshita (Konosuke) so I’d love to have him come over again. Personally, I’d love to wrestle (Will) Ospreay and Jay White. They are two people which NJPW wanted to make as “the new Kenny Omega. They’re nowhere at my level but, they’re two outstanding names in the current NJPW roster. If I could wrestle them, I can show the world the difference between their levels and mine.”

Considering the cooperation between New Japan and AEW, I have no doubt these are matches that could be done in the future. And even Kenny himself has strong ties to Japan.

AEW has made wrestling great again!

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