Jonathan Coachman Says Vince McMahon Owes Him XFL Money

Jonathan Coachman Vince McMahon
Source: Wrestling News, Twitter, Screenshot

Jonathan Coachman worked for the WWE and XFL. But, after Vince McMahon bounced a huge check, he refuses to return.

Jonathan Coachman Says Vince McMahon Owes Him XFL Money

Unless something drastic changes, Jonathan Coachman will never work for Vince McMahon or the WWE again. The issue all stems from money that Coachman claims Vince owes because of a bounced check during the XFL days.

During a recent “Ask Coach Anything Live” podcast, Coachman went into details.

“I have a very bad taste in my mouth from the sport of wrestling right now,” said Coachman.

He continued how he returned after being requested because the big shots running things wanted someone from WWE. Basically, they were looking for a WWE person who could give want Vince required.

Coachman spent several months flying from coast to coast as the XFL prepared to launch. Also, he paid his own expenses, which was around $20,000.

“I was supposed to be reimbursed later. Because I had a 20 year relationship, I didn’t feel the need to turn in my invoices to get paid because I always lived up to my end of the bargain.” 

“I’ve never not come through on my end and they bounced a big check to me, and to this day, have not paid me.”

He did not provide an exact number, but said it was much more than a few thousand dollars.

Jonathan Coachman Calls XFL A Mess

“I reached out, and the week after they bounced that big check on the XFL side, they cut my contract on the WWE side. The XFL was a mess. It went into bankruptcy. A lot of people got stiffed.”

“When you treat people that way, and I’m a survivor, I was fine, [but] they still owe me that money. I don’t know if he bounced any others, but I can only tell you what I know.”

To this day, he still has the receipts if people do not believe him.

Jonathan Coachman Vows To Never For Vince McMahon Again

Jonathan Coachman Vince McMahon

Source: The Macho Beard, Twitter, Screenshot

“I will never work with somebody like that again. So, the taste in my mouth from wrestling right now is very, very bitter because when you put in 20 years into somebody, a relationship to help them build their brand, and then they just turn your back on you over, to them, a little bit of money.”

“To me, it was a lot of money. Then at the same time, they’re cashing in millions of dollars in stock, and laying people off the same day they are doing that is bad business.” 

“They were willing to throw away somebody that was dedicated to them for 20 years over money, and that’s why I will never go back.”

Coachman was very loyal to Vince, so the comments are shocking. As for the XFL, The Rock purchased it after it flopped again and there is no word when, or if, it shall return.

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