CM Punk Wants Daniel Bryan, Details On Daffney Unger’s Death

cm punk daniel bryan
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Now that both men are working for the same company again, CM Punk wants Daniel Bryan…but not how you might expect. And we have some additional details on Daffney Unger’s death.

CM Punk Wants Daniel Bryan

Both men call AEW home, and now we know that CM Punk wants Daniel Bryan.

Sort of. I mean, he does want Daniel Bryan…but not exactly how it comes off.

During an interview ahead of Sunday’s All Out, the newly-signed CM Punk made a declaration.

CM Punks wants Daniel Bryan…to team with him, and take on The Young Bucks.

cm punk wants daniel bryan aew

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That comment came out of Punk’s appearance on Renee Paquette’s Oral Sessions podcast.

Now, the timing might raise some eyebrows, even if Daniel Bryan’s debut in AEW was the second-worst kept secret in pro wrestling this year.

First, of course, being CM Punk’s.

I say eyebrow-raising, because Punk gave the interview-and it dropped-before All Out.

Punk went to say he felt a match featuring him and Daniel Bryan taking on the Bucks would be great. And he’s probably not wrong.

He did say that he didn’t feel like he was giving away any spoilers. Now, he was speaking in terms of future match-ups he’d like to take part in, so that’s fair…

Except, everyone knew what was coming. And it was just the latest teaser of Bryan by Punk.

Now, we don’t know if CM Punk will get what he wants. Punk wants Daniel Bryan as a partner…but we won’t know quite yet if Punk will team with Bryan at some point.

I think it’s a safe bet though, considering both stars capabilities and stature, that if they both want to team up…it seems like a safe bet to happen.

For now…we just wait to see if AEW wants the same thing.

Details On Daffney Unger’s Death

The wrestling world lost another figure far too young last week, and we have new details on Daffney Unger’s death.

Daffney most notably worked in WCW, but had not done much high profile work lately.

Still, she interacted with loyal fans via social media. Unfortunately, it was during a recent live stream where things took a dark turn.

daffney unger

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Comments made by Unger lead to a wellness check, and unfortunately by the time help could arrive, it was too late.

TMZ confirmed that Unger died via a self-inflicted gunshot to the chest.

The cause of death is notable, but it also lines up with comments she closed her live stream with.

Specifically, she wants her brain sent to Boston. Meaning, more specifically, she wants her brain to be the latest to be reviewed by the CTE experts.

It is perhaps slightly surprising, but maybe not. Numerous professional wrestlers have been diagnosed with CTE over the years.

Traumatic brain injuries, among them concussions, are a leading factor in causing CTE.

Before research began to show the linkage, wrestlers often took risks and sustained head injuries. These injuries have left many past stars in bad shape, or worse.

CTE has been linked to a number of destructive behaviors, and has been blamed for the suicides of many athletes over the years.

We extend our condolences to Daffney’s friends and family in this tough time.