Bryan Danielson Called All Out The Most Incredible Pay-Per-View

DAniel Bryan told Tony Khan All Out was incredible
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AEW’s Bryan Danielson thought All Out was the most incredible pay-per-view he had ever seen. In fact, he messaged Tony Khan to tell him just that.

Bryan Danielson Believed All Out Was Incredible

AEW Tony Khan Daniel Bryan All Out

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AEW wrestler Bryan was quite impressed with the All Out pay-per-view. In fact, he texted Tony Khan to let him know how great he found All Out.

“I wasn’t able to watch all of it that night because I was hidden in the trailer, the feed wasn’t very good, people were coming in and saying ‘hi.’ I watched it back either Monday or Tuesday, and I texted Tony and said, ‘That is the most incredible pay-per-view I’ve ever seen.’ I’ve been watching wrestling for a long time and the reason why is, it was an incredible event in itself, if you just saw it as it was, ‘Woah, what an incredible event,’ but it also made you look forward to the future so much. I texted [Tony] and said, ‘that was just such a well put together pay-per-view. I’ve never seen anything like it.’”

Bryan also mentioned he was impressed with the debut of Adam Cole as well as his own.

“I think it was pretty cool. Tony Khan mentioned it to me and I thought like, ‘Are you sure you don’t want to space it out?’ He explained his reasons for doing it and I thought, ‘I’ve never seen anything done like that before.”

The Future For Bryan Danielson

Daniel Bryan Kenny Omega

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Bryan Danielson seems to be heading for a lengthy feud with none other than Kenny Omega. After all, the pair only just faced off during Grand Slam.

Fans went absolutely ballistic when the pair locked up. And the hype for the match certainly delivered. 

The match went on for quite a while when we suddenly heard a timekeeper announcement. From that moment, we knew that the match was gonna end in a draw.

To be honest, there is no other way it could have gone. Bryan and Omega are both widely successful, so it would not have made sense to have a clear winner.

Instead, we got a stellar match between the pair that I would not mind seeing over and over again. Hopefully, we can expect more matches between these two guys in the future.

My guess is that Bryan and Omega will face one another in a special rules match. At the moment, I’m putting my moment on a no disqualification match.

A no disqualification match, preferably with no time limit, would have to produce a clear winner. Of course, it also means that there could be some interference from Omega’s allies.

While it would mean an uphill battle for Bryan to actually get the title, it would make things terribly interesting. But no matter what they do, Bryan and Omega will put on a show we won’t forget anytime soon.

Omega and Bryan have that special chemistry. Hand on heart, I can also say that the men had a match of a lifetime.

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