Adam Cole And Bryan Danielson On Joining AEW Over WWE

Adam Cole Bryan Danielson
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AEW had their best pay per view to date with All Out as Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson joined the roster to close the show.

Adam Cole And Bryan Danielson On Joining AEW Over WWE

AEW was back on pay per view last night with All Out. The card ran pretty late, but every match delivered.

Many are saying Sunday’s show was the best of 2021 and they are not wrong. In the closing moments, Adam Cole and Daniel Bryan (now again going by Bryan Danielson) debuted for AEW.

After Kenny Omega retained his World Championship, The Super Elite kept attacking the faces. Then, the lights went out and Cole headed to the ring.

He decided to join the heels, rejoining the stable he left for WWE. Remember, Cole’s WWE contract expired only weeks ago.

His final match was a loss to Kyle O’Reilly at Takeover 36. During the All Out post-show media conference, Cole went over his decision to leave WWE for AEW.

Cole admitted to having an “excellent” four year journey in NXT. Although, he “knew for a while” that he wanted to be part of AEW and it was “a fairly easy” decision.

In NXT, Cole was one of the few wrestlers to never leave and he was always consistent. There is some speculation that WWE’s policy over third party platforms, particularly Twitch, annoyed Cole.

We will have to see what AEW has planned for Cole. Already, he is in a great spot by closing a pay per view and rejoining The Elite.

Even Tony Khan admitted that he was afraid of Cole during the Wednesday Night War. With Cole now on his team, it only makes AEW stronger.

Plus, Cole’s girlfriend, AEW Women’s Champion Britt Baker, calls AEW home. And, she will be there for awhile after re-signing a new contract.

Bryan Danielson Struggled With Leaving WWE For AEW

Source: All Elite Wrestling, Twitter, Screenshot

Even after Cole’s appearance, AEW was not done. The show concluded with Bryan Danielson also making his debut.

Along with several faces, he helped clear the ring of The Elite. The show started to close with everyone celebrating in the center of the ring.

Suddenly, familiar music hit and Danielson heeded to the ring. Now, his AEW debut was somewhat known and fans were anticipating he would be at All Out.

Like Cole, Danielson stayed after the show to speak with the media. For him, leaving WWE was not easy and he nothing but positive words for his former boss.

Danielson said he went through an “internal battle” on where to sign. Similar to Cole, Bryan’s WWE contract ended and the sides were unable to ink a new deal.

It should also be noted that Danielson pointed out how AEW properly handled the passing of Brodie Lee. This echoes what CM Punk said and was a factor in him joining the young promotion.

Now, we will have to see how AEW books Danielson going forward. He is a huge star and one of his request was to work with New Japan Pro Wrestling, whom AEW has a deal with.

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