The Most Protected AEW Wrestler
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The most protected wrestlers on the AEW roster are unlikely to lose a match. And even if they do, it is unlikely they will lose it in a clean manner.

So who are the 10 most protected AEW wrestlers on the current roster?

1. Kenny Omega

The Most Protected AEW Wrestlers

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

One of the most protected AEW wrestlers is undoubtedly Kenny Omega. And while he lost matches in the past, at the moment there is not much to stop the legendary wrestler.

It is not difficult to see why Kenny is so protected though. Obviously, he is not solely being protected because he has a large stake in All Elite Wrestling.

Before All Elite, Omega was one of the most elite indie wrestlers in the world. To this day, he is considered one of the best.

2. Britt Baker

Britt Baker

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Britt Baker is one of the most protected female AEW wrestlers. And let’s be honest, it is needed.

The women’s roster needs a lot of work. After all, there are few if any standout stars.

By protecting Baker, AEW is ensuring the future of the women’s division. And let’s face it, Baker is doing an excellent job as the current AEW Women’s Champion.

3. Hangman Adam Page

The Most Protected AEW Wrestlers

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Hangman Adam Page did not have the easiest journey over the past year. However, AEW recognizes him as a serious contender for Kenny Omega.

When you consider how protected Omega is, this sends a very strong signal to the rest of the wrestling world. 

Fans expect Adam Page to face Kenny Omega at one point or another. It is also expected that Adam Page will knock Omega from his pedestal.

Page and Omega worked together as a tag team. Their chemistry is also undeniable. 

But no matter what, the two will be connected forever. 

4. Bryan Danielson

Bryan Danielson

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Bryan Danielson is one of the most popular wrestlers of the last decade. Therefore, it is no secret AEW wants to protect him.

Bryan recently faced Kenny Omega for the championship. Obviously, this match ended in a double count-out for both men. 

This was the only possible way the match could end.

Both Omega and Bryan Danielson are extremely protected in the promotion. So, this feud could go for months yet. 

It remains to be seen which of these wrestlers will come out on top. At the moment, my money is on Danielson.

5. Chris Jericho

The Most Protected AEW Wrestlers

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Chris Jericho is one of the AEW originals. And as you may have seen from previous years, those originals are now somewhat protected.

Still, I think Jericho should definitely be protected. After all, the man has a career that spans over several decades.

Despite his lengthy career, Jericho shows no signs of stopping just yet. And while he hinted at retirement previously, Chris is still pretty much on top of the list.

Of course, Jericho also plays a role backstage. So, it is unlikely that Jericho will disappear from the picture anytime soon.

6. CM Punk

CM Punk

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Like Bryan Danielson, CM Punk is one of the most popular wrestlers to date. Naturally, AEW wants to protect that as much as possible.

Punk has not been an active wrestler for several years. So, AEW wanted to make his return as grand as they could.

AEW succeeded in that without a doubt. If anything, CM Punk’s recent appearances have only added to his mythical persona. 

All Elite has certainly handled the debut of Punk well. Of course, we are still curious to see what will happen to the legendary wrestler in the nearby future.

7. Malakai Black

Malakai Black

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

When Malakai Black was still in the WWE, he gave me some serious Undertaker vibes. Unfortunately, the WWE never capitalized on that.

Enter AEW. Contrary to the WWE, AEW did see the Undertaker potential of Malakai Black.

While nobody will ever be the second Undertaker, they can create a legend like him. Malakai Black certainly meets that description.

Black is an absolutely terrifying presence on the roster right now. And up to now, he hasn’t lost a single match.

It will take a lot to beat Black. And that my dear friends, is how a larger than life wrestler star is built!

8. Darby Allin

Darby Allin

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Once Sting arrived, it was clear Darby Allin was here to stay. And while Sting does add to his gravitas, AEW saw something special in the star long before that.

Allin is a true daredevil with a darker persona that speaks to many. And it is this that AEW is now capitalizing on.

And while he had uphill battles, AEW makes sure Darby Allin always looks good doing it.

It remains to be seen if Darby Allin remains protected moving forward.

9. Pac


Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Pac enjoyed a good level of protection since his arrival at AEW. Like some other wrestlers on the roster, he joined AEW pretty early on.

Unlikely Omega though, Pac does not receive constant attention. Of course, Pac does still travel to other indie promotions.

However, Pac has been built quite strong by AEW. Every time he comes on, he is seen as a threat.

And while Pac has been a continuous presence, he is not as prominent as Omega. It remains to be seen if plans will change for Pac in the foreseeable future.

10. Christian Cage

Christian Cage

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Christian Cage had a pretty smooth ride since his arrival at AEW. Of course, it goes without saying that the veteran wrestler should get a similar treatment to Chris Jericho.

Cage has always missed out on the big time in the WWE even though he was one of the most talented people on the roster. Now, he’s returned to his indie roots and stepped out of Edge’s shadow.

Fortunately, that gives us the opportunity to again appreciate Christian Cage as a singles competitor. Something that could never happen on the WWE roster.

For now, Christian is one of the top in the division.