WWE Keith Lee TV
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WWE superstar Keith Lee hasn’t been on television lately. He is an active member of the roster, currently. However, he’s predominantly done dark matches recently. More information is below on the reason “why”.

WWE Keeping Keith Lee Off TV

Why is Keith Lee doing so many dark matches, as of late? The superstar offered a video message to fans that were quite candid.

He’s spent some time away from the squared circle between February and July in 2021. This is because of contracting heart inflammation due to COVID-19.

He fought for his life, but now he is competing in the ring again. As per the PW Insider, WWE has good reasoning for all of Lee’s dark matches.

The report outlines that the company has created short “squash” matches for Lee. Basically, this way, he can refine his work.

The Real Reason Why Keith Lee Is Off WWE TV

Dark (squash) matches have been designed to work best for Lee. This will help move him forward.

These dark matches are shorter. They will help him get back on track to perform in the ring and in front of crowds.

Lee started with NXT in 2018. His call-up to the main roster (Monday Night RAW) was in 2020.

In February of this year, he was pulled from the Elimination Chamber event. This was due to the above-mentioned condition.

He returned to competition on the July 19th edition of RAW. While he did do a couple of matches during his initial comeback, he’s been doing dark matches for the most part, since.

What’s next for Keith Lee? It’s hard to say.

However, here’s hoping he gets better and stronger over time. The sky’s the limit for someone like Keith Lee.

Speaking of NXT, the WWE has taped three weeks’ worth of episodes for the gold and black brand. However, sounds like some important people aren’t happy with not airing “live” shows.

USA Network Unhappy About NXT

Vince McMahon has a new vision and direction for NXT. The idea is to fill the brand with “bigger” and “younger” talent.

WWE Keith Lee TV

Source: WWE NXT, Twitter, Screenshot

The company recently decided to air “taped” shows, versus live ones. Seems like the USA Network isn’t happy about this.

Andrew Zain of Mat Men Pro Wrestling podcast recently reported on this. According to Zarian, the executives over at USA are unhappy with pre-taping a bulk of NXT episodes.

But, it’s not clear how long the WWE plans on airing pre-taped shows. However, one source stated that the USA Network’s thoughts on pre-taped shows are that this isn’t what they “paid” for.

No Confirmation On Pre-Taping

It’s important to note, Zarian states there is no confirmation around whether NXT will turn back to a show that is “pre-taped”. Still, the WWE plans to tape the next three episodes at one time.

When airing on the WWE Network, NXT was always pre-taped. When the brand moved to the USA Network in September 2019, the went to live broadcasts.

Will this trend continue? Only time will tell what the WWE decides on after NXT TakeOver: 36 unravels.