What’s Next For Goldberg In WWE, Where Is Io Sharai Hiding?

whats next for goldberg
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After the way his SummerSlam ended, this question was inevitable: what’s next for Goldberg in WWE? Plus, where is Io Sharai hiding?

What’s Next For Goldberg In WWE

If you caught SummerSlam, you could see this question coming a mile away. What’s next for Goldberg in WWE?

Honestly, you didn’t even have to watch SummerSlam to know, or at least suspect, that Goldberg had matches left.

His WWE deal has a couple matches left, per a recent report. So, what’s next for Goldberg in WWE?

Depending on how you feel…this could be good or bad news. It’s being reported that for Goldberg, a match in Saudi Arabia is next.

There is no denying that fans pop for a special attraction like Goldberg. However, there is also no denying that most fans do not want to see Bill’s teenage son involved in any angles.

Or, for that matter,  Goldberg taking a prime SummerSlam match away from other Superstars.

The SummerSlam match we got ended via a referee’s stoppage, and it wasn’t a very memorable match prior to that.

Well…buckle up, because we aren’t done with the Hall of Famer yet.

Per WrestleVotes, if current plans hold, we can expect the Goldberg-Lashley rematch to happen when the company returns to Saudi Arabia in a couple months.

The timing makes sense. It allows Goldberg to sell the knee damage a bit, while keeping him mostly off television.

Plus, the Saudi shows have become known for leveraging big money to bring in big names…and like it or not, Goldberg fits the bill.

It remains to be seen whether he will actually claim gold again…but at least we have an idea of what’s next for Goldberg in WWE.

Where Is Io Shirai Hiding?

We move from Superstars we don’t need to see…to Superstars we haven’t seen. So where is Io Shirai hiding?

It is a fair question. With all the tumult in NXT of late…we have not really seen the Genius of the Skies.

To make matters more tricky…let’s not forget that she is actually one half of the current NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions.

Don’t feel bad if you forgot…some in WWE may have, too.

where is io shirai hiding

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For now, however, rest easy. Io Shirai is not injured, nor has she been released.

Actually, according to Fightful...she’s very much been around and working the recent tapings.

It just turns out that, for whatever reason, WWE has not felt the need to have her on television.

Considering the revamping of NXT that is imminent, it’s not unreasonable to question what’s next for Io Shirai.

Hence why I asked…where is Io Shirai hiding. Turns out she’s right there in the CWC, hiding in plain sight.

Now, as NXT is torn down and built anew…will Shirai be hanging around?

More specifically…will she be hanging around in NXT? Could a main roster move be in the cards?

She is plenty experienced and talented, so I would have to think she could be on the move in the upcoming draft.

So, give it time, Io Shirai isn’t hiding…but maybe she could be bound for RAW or SmackDown?

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