Malakai Black compares Vince McMahon and Tony Khan
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AEW star Malakai Black recently compared Tony Khan to Vince McMahon as bosses. The popular wrestler concluded that they are very different people.

Malakai Black Praises Tony Khan

AEW Malakai Black talks about Tony Khan and Vince McMahon

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

It is clear that Malakai Black has been treated very differently in AEW compared to WWE. In fact, Khan booked Black like a star, winning against Cody Rhodes.

During a recent interview, Black could not praise Tony Khan enough. And it is certainly a glowing review from him.

“Great. Absolutely great. He’s very enthusiastic and spontaneous individual. He has an incredible amount of love for what he does and his locker room. He’s always available. I briefly spoke to him [on August 5] and he thanked me for what we did. He thought it was really cool. I appreciated it. It’s very different.”

Malakai Black continued to compare Tony Khan to Vince McMahon. And the wrestler admits that the men could not be any more different.

“Vince McMahon and Tony are very 180 and two extremely different people. A lot of it has to do with where he comes from, how he is as a person, how young he is. Definitely a different perspective on society and a different mentality. That’s okay and great. It works very well for me. I have nothing but good things to say about him.”

When the WWE wrestlers describe Vince McMahon, their description is very different. For example, “always available” is not a description you would hear very often, or ever for that matter.

Honesty Above All Else

Aleister Black

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Black also talked about the qualities he really values in his new boss. And if Black is to be believed, Khan is more to the point than his previous boss. 

While Khan is also outspoken if Black is to be believed, it is clear AEW does not employ a fear culture among its wrestlers.

“He’s been fair and blunt with me, which I appreciate people being upfront and honest with me, even when it’s not in my favour. I prefer people to tell me, ‘I’m not feeling this.’ Cool, at least you let me know vs ‘Okay, maybe.’ He’s very good at that. I appreciate that very much and I think AEW is making very cool waves, it’s a great company to be part of and I came in at the right time.”

Many people were shocked to hear Aleister Black was being released from the WWE. After all, the man was a former NXT Champion with loads of promise.

Even the WWE staff had their doubts about Black’s release. But let’s face it, his release actually had a ton of benefits for the wrestler.

Not only did he end up in a better and new promotion, he is booked like royalty at the moment. Much like Miro, he is experiencing the top of the roster.

It’s great for Aleister Black’s fans to get to see how well he’s doing after his time on NXT. So, I ask you, is AEW salvation for wrestlers as well as fans?