Ric Flair Seeks One More Match, Sad Kelly Kelly News

Ric Flair One Match
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Ric Flair has done some great things in his career. You don’t become a two-time WWE Hall of Famer for nothing!
He’s recently parted ways with the company. At 76, the wrestling legend recently stated he wants “one more match”.

Ric Flair Seeks One More Match

As Ric Flair is no longer with the WWE, is there a possibility the retired wrestler could step into the ring? Even for one more match?

Hard to say. The idea was likely a “hard no” for Vince McMahon, but maybe another promotion would “okay” it under the right circumstances.

Regardless, during The Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T recently stated Flair wants one more run. WrestleMania 24 was the last time Naitch was in the ring.

He was “forced” to retire after he lost that match to Shawn Michaels. He’d have another bout in TNA later on, but that is often overlooked.

Will Ric Flair Get One More Match?

Booker T notes during the interview that he talked to Flair all the time while the two were together in the WWE. The last time he saw him, Ric stated that he’s “never” going to retire.

Book reveals that Naitch went on to say if he could be in that ring now, that’s where he’d want to be. Book states that he believes The Nature Boy could be looking for that final run.

Whether or not that will happen, remains to be seen. Ric Flair is a superstar that holds a ton of clout, even at his age.

But really, would any promotion run the risk of placing someone his age in a match? It’s a hard call.

Speaking of former WWE talents, Kelly Kelly recently told her fans about some sad news in her personal life. More details, below.

Sad Kelly Kelly News

Kelly Kelly announced on social media that she and her hubby recently suffered a miscarriage. The couple got married this past April.

Ric Flair One Match

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In the heartwrenching post, fans learned that Kelly and her husband, Joe Coba, learned they were expecting. It was something they had been praying for, for a while.

Sadly, Kelly didn’t “feel right” on Sunday. Her husband rushed her to the hospital.

The goal of the post was to be transparent with her fans. Her life isn’t always as “glamourous” as it seems.

Ric Flair One Match

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Kelly Kelly’s Insta Update

Kelly notes in the post that she had a bad feeling about the baby. See her Instagram post, above.

It seems as if she and Joe were really looking forward to a baby. As the hours went by, the reality of what had happened became more real.

Kelly Kelly started with the WWE in 2006. She would leave the company six years later in 2012.

During her tenure, she was Divas Champion. Other career highlights include being in the first-ever Women’s Royal Rumble.

Kelly Kelly also was at the first-ever all-women’s pay-per-view, Evolution. She also was a 24/7 Champion at one point.

A terrible story that no couple should have to endure. On behalf of everyone at WNZ, we pass on our sincerest condolences to both Kelly Kelly and Joe. 

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