Plot Twist For Baron Corbin Storyline, WWE’s Plans For John Morrison

Baron Corbin Plot Twist
Source: NoDQ.Com, Twitter, Screenshot

Baron Corbin has had his ups and downs as of late. However, a new report details a storyline plot twist is on the horizon for this SmackDown superstar.

Plot Twist For Baron Corbin Storyline

PW Insider reports a twist in Baron Corbin’s current storyline. As per the report, WWE filmed quite a bit of content while the superstar was in Las Vegas, during SummerSlam weekend.



As per videos that Corbin uploaded on Twitter, his luck has turned around. He’s made a ton of money while gambling in Sin City.

The report notes that this Vegas content will be a WWE storyline played out on social media the days leading to SmackDown this week. Fans should expect some sort of plot twist to occur.

Baron Corbin Plot Twist

What could the plot twist entail? Is it possible that he loses his new fortune before Friday hits?

PW Insider also reported on Sunday that there were plans to video content with Criss Angel in Las Vegas. With that said, there’s no confirmation that this has occurred.

Baron Corbin’s character has had a rough go as of late. Since he lost his King of the Ring crown to Shinsuke Nakamura he has been down on his luck.

Baron Corbin joined NXT in 2012. He hit the main roster in 2016.

Over the years, heès had quite the run. He’s been United States Champion, 2016 Andre the Giant Memorial battle royal winner, 2017 Mr. Money in the Bank, and 2019 King of the Ring.

Maybe things will turn around for Corbin? At least he’s still included in WWE pay-per-views and storylines!

Meanwhile, over at Monday Night RAW, WWE has plans for another superstar. What’s in store for Jim Morrison in the near future?

WWE’s Plans For John Morrison

John Morrison entered the WWE in 2003 as that year’s Tough Enough winner. He left the WWE in 2011.

Baron Corbin Plot Twist

Source:, Twitter, Screenshot

He surprised fans in 2019 with a major return. As an exceptional talent, fans have adored watching him perform in a WWE ring. 

He has admitted in the past that his comeback to the company didnèt go as he had expected. He’s been with The Miz for some time now as heels.

However, that all changed last night. Miz turned on his buddy.

Looks like the duo has officially broken up. However, this may turn out to be good news for John.

Babyface Time For Morrison

As per PW Insider, the plan moving forward for Morrison is that he plays face. It will not be a one-time deal for this feud.
It seems like a new direction for John and his WWE character. He and Miz are set to square off against each other during the next edition of RAW.

The Miz and Morrison have always had some incredible chemistry. They were a successful tag team back in the day and had a nice run after John returned to the company.

John Morrison has experienced a nice level of success with the WWE during both runs with the company. During his time, he’s been EWC World Champion, Intercontinental Champion (3 times), a WWE Tag Team Champion (6 times).