Pete Dunne’s WWE Status, Tony Khan Editing AEW Dark After Scandal

Pete Dunne's WWE Status
Credit: Sean Ross Sapp at Fightful.com, Twitter, Screenshot

What’s Pete Dunne’s WWE status? It seems as if the NXT star’s contract is coming to an end. More details on this evolving story, below.

Pete Dunne’s WWE Status

Most fans would love to see Pete Dunne hit either Monday Night RAW or Friday SmackDown. Sadly, he may never make it to the main roster, after all.

This is because Dunne’s current WWE contract is expiring soon. According to a report from Fightful Select, Dunne has an interesting situation.

It seems as if Pete has the same thing going as Adam Cole. For those not in the loop, Cole’s contract has already expired in July.

Adam agreed to work through until SummerSlam. No long-term deal has been offered to Cole.

Pete Dunne’s WWE Status Similar To Adam Cole’s

Sounds like Dunne is in the same situation as Adam Cole. No other details were offered in the report about Pete or a possible future contract.

Pete’s deal with the WWE will come to a close soon. Will he continue on NXT or look for other opportunities outside the company?

There’s also a chance he could get called up to the main roster. Either way, it seems as if things are up in the air for Peter Dunne.

He’s a tremendous talent. He’s sure to get past this uncertainty and shine wherever he ends up.

Dunne entered the WWE in 2016. During this tenure, he was the WWE UK Champion at one point.

He’s held the NXT Tag Titles (with Matt Riddle). The twosome also won the 2020 Dusty Rhodes Classic together.

Over to the land of AEW, a scandal caused by Max Caster has caused a major change in the promotion. Moving forward, Tony Khan will be in charge of editing certain shows.

Tony Khan Editing AEW Dark After Scandal

Those who love their social media would have noticed that Max Caster was trending recently. This is because he made a jab about the Duke lacrosse team and Simone Biles’ mental health on air during AEW Dark last night.

Pete Dunne's WWE Status

Source: Shawn Sashidanran, Twitter, Screenshot

This prompted a change. Tony Khan visited Busted Open Radio where he said he’d be taking over the editing AEW Dark and AEW Dark: Elevation.

Khan is ensuring this mistake never repeats itself. He was straightforward about taking over this responsibility.

Tony also made another thing clear. He did not go over these lines with Max prior to the show.

Caster was on AEW Dark and rapped towards the squared circle as per the usual. Sadly, last night’s rap was controversial.

Max ended up making a number of comments that were taken negatively by the audience. One included remarks about Simone Biles.

Tony Khan Did Not Hear The Rap Until After AEW Dark Aired

Khan stated he was not with the production team during Caster’s rap, too. As well, he didn’t hear what Max said until the show aired.

That’s because apparently, Tony was outside. After the rap hit the airwaves, Khan chose to take over the editing of Dark and Dark: Elevation, from now on.

In addition, AEW pulled this epi of Dark. They ended up editing it and reposting it.

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